4 Must-Haves: Is Your Startup Worth Helping?
What investors, philanthropists and mentors look for in your purpose-driven startup. Four key themes from the Amplifying the Value of Your Enterprise at the Social Enterprise Startup Bootcamp hosted by Allens Accelerate.
6 steps to launch your purpose-driven startup
We’ve worked with hundreds of startups. We’re often asked, ‘what advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about starting a social enterprise or a purpose-driven business?’ Over the years we have distilled what we have learnt from our personal experience into six steps guided by three principles. We call it Jetpack for Changemakers.
Jetpack for Changemakers… the Backstory
Being a startup for good can be very rewarding but it also comes with many challenges. Here are some thoughts on some challenges faced by purpose-driven startups and social enterprises, and what we've found to work.