5 days over 3-6 months

3 hours of coaching calls



$4,499 when paid up front (SAVE $500)

$4,999 pay as you go

Prices are for one or two people from your startup when

Jetpack Step 1: Set The Stage For Success
Describe your idea, its value and the support you need to deliver – in 60 seconds
Jetpack Step 2: Create Purposeful Value
Clarity on your target customers and the problem you’re focusing on – with clear actions to test your riskiest assumptions
Jetpack Step 3: Solve Real Problems
Outline your solution concept – with clear steps to test your riskiest assumptions and pricing options
Jetpack Step 4: Sustain Your Business
Financial model and monthly breakeven. Funding needs to design, build and get your solution to market
Jetpack Step 5: Structure & Story
Legal structure and funding options. Tell a compelling story about your idea and impact – to attract supporters, investors and collaborators
Jetpack Step 6: Design The Minimum Solution
Map out the end-to-end experience with what you need to do behind the scenes. Prioritised roadmap to start designing and building your solution


Raised by a social enterprise startup client and accepted into an accelerator program


Raised by a client with an existing business, to develop a new offering

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Dynamic4 is a purpose-driven design & innovation company and certified B Corp.

We use our business to be a force for good by collaborating with people to design and build ideas for more equal, inclusive and sustainable communities.

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Ben Pecotich

Ben Pecotich

Ben is a designer, innovation consultant and startup founder focused on working with people to design and build ideas for a positive future. 24 years experience in strategy, design, technology and management consulting.

Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn

Anthony is a design leader and entrepreneur with 20+ years experience applying structured creative processes to help organisations increase empathy and understanding of the people they serve and focus on what they value.

Ben and Anthony have been designing and running the Jetpack for Changemakers over the past three years. They’ve founded and advised over 100 startups and social enterprises to have a positive impact for people and our environment.