Certified B Corp

Dynamic4 is a social enterprise and certified B Corp focused on design & innovation for happier communities.

We coach leaders to solve problems that matter – to help create the conditions for people and communities to be more empowered and inclusive, and live in more sustainable ways.

Solve Problems That Matter Teaser Preview

Solve Problems That Matter is a book by Ben Pecotich with the aim of helping more social enterprise founders, NFP leaders, and changemakers globally solve problems that matter.

It’s a 90-day program helping you take a human-centred approach to design, build, and launch your social enterprise idea – and build momentum.

This is the free teaser preview of Solve Problems That Matter. The purpose is to give you a flavour of the approach I take, how it works, and my style. It includes the full intro, parts of some chapters, the opening of Parts 1, 2, 3 & 4 – with the full table of contents, sprint focus, and the big questions covered in each.

Approach & Philosophy

We take a human-centred design and innovation approach to helping our clients design sustainable business models with embedded impact and a clear value exchange that delivers and scales their impact and thrives in a connected world.

What We Do

Our focus is helping leaders solve problems that matter in more empathic and innovative ways. This is supported by our social investment programs. We take a human-centred design & innovation approach to everything we do.

Our Clients

We specialise in helping social enterprises, purpose-driven organisations, and financial services companies.