Design & Innovation for Happier Communities

We work with people to design and build business, product, and service ideas for a happier future

Certified B Corp

Dynamic4 is a purpose-driven design & innovation company (a social enterprise and certified B Corp).

 We collaborate with people to design and build ideas for happier communities that are more empowered, inclusive, and sustainable.

Approach & Philosophy

We take a human-centred design and innovation approach to helping our clients design sustainable business models with embedded impact and a clear value exchange – and design and build digital solutions that deliver and scale their impact and thrive in a connected world.

What We Do

We do two key things: coaching & advice and design & build digital platforms. This is supported by our social investment programs. We take a human-centred design & innovation approach to everything we do.

Coaching & Advice

We provide a range of coaching and advice solutions focused on building the mindset and capability to solve problems that matter in more empathic and innovative ways – and measure success in outcomes for people, planet, and profit/our economy

Design & Build

We design, build, and run digital solutions that leverage the power of technology to deliver and scale impact – and thrive in a connected world

Our Clients

We specialise in helping social enterprises, purpose-driven organisations, and financial services companies.