12-Month Coaching Program

Personalised coaching program that builds on a 90-day plan to help you accelerate your progress, build the habits to sustain your momentum, and achieve your 12-month goals

How's the 12-Month Coaching Program Work?

I work with you to personalise the program to help you achieve your specific 12-month goals.

This isn’t a generic program. It’s about meeting you where you’re at, helping you get clarity on your goals, creating your first 90-day plan, and establishing the workflow, rhythm, and habits to build momentum and confidence over 12 months.


$9,999 (ex GST)

You also have the option  of 4 quarterly payments of $2,999 (ex GST)

What's included?

Coaching and advice over 12 months. I work with you closely on your first 90-day plan to achieve your goals – there isn’t a set number of sessions. It’s also an option to involve other team members in this program.

  • Weekly check-in during the first 90 days
  • Sprint review and planning session every two weeks (usually includes a showcase, retro, and sprint planning) during the first 90 days to build the workflow and rhythm 
  • 90-day review and planning sessions with a monthly check-in after the first 90 days
  • Direct access to me for coaching and advice during the 12 months
  • Support connecting with potential collaborators and other stakeholders
  • Print and digital copy of my book Solve Problems That Matter – which provides more guidance, is full of worksheets, and complements the work we do together
  • Healthcheck and scorecard with additional tools and resources

Who’s it for?

The people who get the most value from this coaching program are changemakers of all kinds:

  • Corporate and NFP leaders
  • Design and product leaders/teams
  • Social enterprise and startup founders

If you’re just starting work on your idea, have been going for years but aren’t making the progress you want, or designing and building a new solution within an established organisation – this program is for you. Innovation never stops.

What can we focus on?

We work together to identify the key areas to focus on by getting clarity on what you want to achieve and creating an action plan with clear next steps. I guide you through the process so it’s personalised to fit your preferences, situation, priorities, and goals – and provide accountability… but it’s your plan and you do the work.

Purpose-driven design thinking with action learning and an emphasis on wellbeing is at the core of all of the work I do. I help founders and leaders avoid becoming broke, burnt out, and isolated… or recover if you’ve found yourself in that situation.

There are several areas where I have deep experience and can share what I’ve learnt (and continue to learn) and provide advice. I do this in a coaching style helping you think through the situation with recommendations and thinking to test. It’s never my role to tell you what to do – or do it for you.

Some of the things we can focus on include:

  • Impact Models. Clarity of purpose, impact, theory of change, measurement
  • Business Models. Business model innovation, business architecture, value propositions, earning revenue & diversifying revenue streams, financial models, legals (not accounting or legal advice)
  • Regenerative Innovation. How to design, build & launch business, product, and service ideas that create great outcomes for people and our planet while also being profitable – and help you increase your wellbeing doing it. Relevant for both early-stage social enterprise ideas/startups and new solutions in established organisations
  • Wellbeing. Growth mindset & happiness habits, taking a strengths-based approach, personal wellbeing plan (with a backup plan), your personal why
  • Workflow. Agile ways of working, ongoing customer research & experiments, processes and systems, enabling tech & tools, service management, risk management
  • Digital Products & Tech. Tech, solution & experience architecture, product management, workflow, UX/UI design, leading & building product/tech teams
  • Leadership & Governance. Building self-awareness & self-leadership, leading with empathy, adaptive leadership, becoming an effective board/board member
Ben Pecotich smiling, wearing a black tshirt, and holding his book Solve Problems That Matter

Ben Pecotich

Designer, coach & social enterprise founder

Hey… I’m Ben and I play at the place where design, regenerative innovation, and wellbeing meet.

I spend my time helping leaders solve problems that matter – to design, build, and launch ideas that customers love, make money, and do great things for people and our planet… all while increasing wellbeing.

I’m based in Sydney, Australia and work with people globally.

I help founders and leaders avoid becoming broke, burnt out, and isolated… or recover if you’ve found yourself in that situation.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of coaching thousands of leaders, founders, designers, and students to design and innovate for positive change. I’m also the author of the best selling book Solve Problems That Matter: Design, Build & Launch Your Social Enterprise Idea.

To guide you on your journey, I bring 30+ years of successfully leading, designing, and delivering strategic change in financial services – and 30 years founding startups/social enterprises – in Australia, NZ, the UK, and Europe.

These years have been full of learning, failing, iterating, and adapting. And still are. I’m a designer and founder skilled at coaching people to learn through doing – building on real-world experience and current practice – not just theory.

You can find out more about my experience and connect with me on Linkedin.

The Right Coach

When choosing a coach, feeling safe and understood is key. To get a sense of my style and how I approach things, I recommend reading some of my blog posts and book (you can download the 80-page teaser for free), and you can also book a free 15-minute call.

Most of the people I work with want advice on specific challenges rather than just pure coaching. Either way, I help you think through things and make informed decisions aligned with your purpose, values, and goals. It’s a collaboration.

I’m your partner and guide to make things easier. Not because I know everything – but because I have the experience, skills, and tools to help you to find clarity by working through and making sense of ambiguity and complexity.

I work alongside you – cheering you on, but also helping to challenge you, to test and refine your thinking, and iterate – to succeed sooner.

Single coaching sessions and a 90-day coaching program are also available.

The journey

Every person and situation is unique, and I personalise the experience to fit your preferences and goals. In simple terms, this is how it works…

1. Healthcheck & Scorecard

Free healthcheck and scorecard across five key areas to baseline where you’re at, reflect on how things are going, and help identify key areas for us to focus on.

Get clarity on what you want to achieve with clear actions and next steps. Establish the workflow, rhythm, and habits to build momentum and confidence.

3. Build Momentum

Execute your action plan and move forward with more confidence and less risk to achieve your goals and impact while increasing your wellbeing.


Let’s work together to solve problems that matter!

Benefits of the 12-Month Coaching Program

The people I work with describe a range of benefits from the coaching we do together…


Time and headspace to work on the right things at the right time while staying healthy and positive on the journey - not getting overwhelmed and burnt out


Guided path to design a regenerative business model that has purpose and impact embedded and is financially successful


Build momentum and move forward with certainty and less risk by testing and refining your idea and impact


Support on the journey and ways to connect with collaborators and investors in the social enterprise ecosystem

What People Are Saying...

Let's Collaborate!

Ready to have fun collaborating to solve problems that matter?

You can book a free discovery call or make contact and say hello… or if you’re ready to go, buy now and we’ll contact you to setup your first session.

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