Dynamic4 Good

Grants to help social enterprises and purpose-driven organisations create sustainable positive change

Dynamic4 is committed to sustainable positive change for people and our planet. We do this by embedding impact in everything we do – which includes working with clients who follow ethical and sustainable business practices, and by working on projects focused on making a positive impact.

We also run a grant program – Dynamic4 Good.

Dynamic4 Good is our grant program focused on helping build the social enterprise and design ecosystems and communities.

We commit a pool of at least 10% of our annual revenue to invest in actively supporting ideas for happier communities that are more empowered, inclusive, and sustainable. We invest some of this pool in the form of grants through Dynamic4 Good, and some by taking an equity position through Dynamic4 Ventures. We’ve invested over $1,755,915 in social enterprises, purpose-driven organisations, and helping build the ecosystem since 2013.

When assessing the opportunity to provide a Dynamic4 Good grant, we give priority to projects based on the following basic selection criteria:

  • The primary objective of the project is help create the conditions for happier people and communities that are more empowered, inclusive, and sustainable
  • The project or organisation is committed to sustainable change – in the sense that it will provide ongoing value
  • Deliver value to a local community but the solution and learnings can be transferred or scaled to other communities
  • The project stakeholders will be active participants and are committed to taking a collaborative strategic human-centred  design approach

If you’d like to find out more about our Dynamic4 Good grant program or Dynamic4 Ventures, please make contact and say hello.