21 Years of Dynamic4

Text: 21 years. Dynamic4 logo and B Corp trust mark on blue and green background


When I started Dynamic4 21 years ago, I didn’t really have any specific plans or ambitions other than for it to be a business adaptable enough to encompass my endless curiosity and be the dynamic solution for my future as it evolved over time… and also for the team and our clients.

I often get asked about the origin story and why the name Dynamic4. Last year I wrote out the abridged version as part of reflecting on the journey so far with some key things I’ve learnt on the way. This included the transition to Dynamic4 version 8.0.

Being dynamic and adaptable – and responding positively to change – has been key to being around this long… and not just surviving, but thriving. I’m excited about all the fun and learning the next year will bring, and the awesome people I get to do it with.

Keen for some help solving problems that matter and to have some fun collaborating? I’d love to hear from you