Balanced Achievers Podcast – Ben Pecotich

Ben smiling and holding his book Solve Problems That Matter. Text: Ben Pecotich founder Dynamic4. Ep3 Balanced Achievers

It was awesome to have a chat with Phoebe Zhang 张思维 early this year for her Balanced Achievers podcast… the episode is out now.

The podcast is focused on how high-performers and entrepreneurs balance success and prioritise mental health and wellbeing.

It was fun reflecting on parts of my work journey and exploring my curiosity over the past 30+ years… since starting in financial services in 1993… starting my first startup Gangster Snowboards in 1994… and starting Dynamic4 in 2001 in London. Design, innovation, and wellbeing are the central themes to everything I’ve done and do.

I share a bit about my personal wellbeing and mindbody practices I’ve been doing since I was 12 and how wellbeing has been core do the work we do at Dynamic4 since day one – something not a lot of people know about.

Thanks again for having me Phoebe!

Show Notes

Hi Balanced Achievers! 🌟 Today, we have the privilege of sitting down with a true trailblazer, Ben Pecotich. He’s not just a designer and innovation coach; he’s the visionary founder of Dynamic4, a certified B Corp and social enterprise with a mission to design and innovate for happier communities.

Ben resides at the intersection of design, regenerative innovation, and wellbeing, crafting a unique space where positive change takes root. He dedicates his time to coaching leaders and founders, empowering them to solve meaningful problems, create exceptional outcomes for people and the planet, all while achieving financial success and enhancing their wellbeing.

Beyond his impactful work, Ben is the author of Solve Problems That Matter, a 90-day program that guides individuals in taking a human-centered approach to design, build, and launch their social enterprise ideas. A program not just about success, but one that nurtures wellbeing along the way.

Today, we delve into the wisdom of a true innovator, a co-founder of the Sydney Design Thinking meetup, a founding board member of the Social Enterprise Council of NSW & ACT, and the driving force behind Dynamic4 Jetpack, an incubator for early-stage social enterprise ideas.