What Do You Do With a Bold Idea? Enabling Innovation at the Sydney Opera House

Text: GL[E]AM Series: What do you do with a bold idea? Enabling innovation. Ben Pecotich

Last night I was lucky to be part of GL[E]AM 2022 Session 1 by Hayball in the new Sydney Opera House Centre for Creativity. I gave a talk alongside a bunch of impressive people… Fiona Winning (Sydney Opera House), Jonas Nordquist (Karolinska Institute in Sweden), and Fiona Young and Richard Leonard from Hayball.

It was a livestreamed hybrid event with an in-person audience in the Sydney Opera House and the Hayball Melbourne Studio, and a global audience online.

The theme we explored was “What do you do with a bold idea? Enabling innovation”. I focused on three questions with three takeaways.

1. What are bold ideas, and what ideas matter?

Bold ideas that matter do great things for people, our planet, and shared prosperity.

2. What do I do with my bold idea?

Take a human-centred design approach to build empathy, prototype like you’re right – test like you’re wrong, and keep learning.

3. How do I make it happen?

Practice happiness habits, build momentum, and have fun!

Video Recording

Thanks to Hayball for recording the session. The chapters are below…


0:00. Welcome by Fiona Young (Hayball)
4:02. Intro by Richard Leonard (Hayball)
7:04. Intro by Fiona Winning (Sydney Opera House)
8:44. Intro by Ben Pecotich (Dynamic4)
10:18. Intro by Jonas Nordquist Intro (Karolinska Institute in Sweden)
13:02. Talk by Fiona Winning
31:43. Talk by Ben Pecotich
49:24. Talk by Jonas Nordquist
1:03:11. Closing comments by Richard Leonard
Q&A (not recorded)


Here are my slides for this presentation…

Here’s the Hayball write up. A huge thanks to Fiona Young for including me in the line up!

Event Announcement

Thursday, 28 April 2022 @ 5:15pm. Sydney Opera House Centre for Creativity, Hayball Melbourne Studio & Livestreamed Online

I’m excited to be speaking at this event alongside a bunch of impressive people… Fiona Winning (Director Programming, Sydney Opera House), Jonas Nordquist (Associate Director of Residency Programs, Karolinska Institute in Sweden), and Fiona Young and Richard Leonard from Hayball.

How do we make the space for bold ideas to emerge and come to fruition? And how do we ensure it’s the right bold idea? In the first GL[E]AM session for the year, three speakers explore the enabling of bold ideas from three distinct perspectives.

From Sydney to Sweden, hear from experts across fields of programming, human centered design and architecture who are driving intergenerational learning, social impact and creative development in public and community spaces.

Fiona Winning, Director Programming at the Sydney Opera House will discuss the 10-year journey of the making of the Sydney Opera House Centre for Creativity, a new and innovative space for intergenerational learning.

Ben Pecotich, Author and social enterprise director will address how the lens of human-centred design and social innovation ensures we pursue the right ideas for people and planet.

Jonas Nordquist, Associate Director of Residency Programs at the Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden will reframe how we nurture this process in the context of architecture.

The GL[E]AM 2022 series by Hayball draws upon the increasing connectedness, complexity, and uncertainty of the world to inform this year’s program. The key themes are blurring boundaries, embracing ambiguity, and the need for joined-up-thinking to enable us to do things differently.

This link has registration for the three different viewing options.