Celebrating Milestones

Sun and clouds reflecting on Lake Macquarie

Can you believe we’re in the countdown to the end of 2023?! I hope you’re making the progress you planned and are achieving your goals.

October is a milestone month for Dynamic4. It was our 22nd birthday on 1 October… and 14 October was two years since the launch of my Amazon bestselling book Solve Problems That Matter – helping you take a regenerative approach to design, build, and launch your social enterprise idea – and build momentum.

To celebrate, I’ve got a special offer to help get you kick started… Now’s the time!

Ben smiling and holding Solve Problems That Matter book

Buy the Solve Problems That Matter Print & Digital Bundle now
and get a FREE 20-minute coaching session.

This offer is only valid for the first 10 people who claim this offer (buy the book with the link above and send me a message).

Offer expires 31 October 2023 and coaching session by 29 February 2024.

What’s been happening?

The winter quarter of July through to September tends to be my busiest time of year, and it was slightly more so this year. If you’ve seen me freeze when someone asks me what I do or what I’ve been up to, it’s usually because I’ve got no idea which of the stories to briefly share. There’s been plenty of fun things going on and I’ve shared some highlights in this blog.

The short version… it’s been full of action learning programs (with corporate leaders, social enterprises, uni students, and high school students), speaking, events, music, and photos.

How can I help?

As we countdown to the end of the year, this tends to be the time we’re simultaneously speeding up to get things done… and slowing down before taking a break. We often become acutely aware that we’ve only got a few weeks left to achieve the key things we planned for 2023… and have things setup for a rolling start to 2024.

You might be feeling stuck and frustrated. Stressed and overwhelmed. The nagging feeling you’re just not making the progress you want.

Now’s the time for action. I can help with 1:1 coaching & advice, team strategy sessions and masterclasses which are great for offsites, and designing & delivering action learning programs… and all of these are underpinned by my book Solve Problems That Matter.

Digging in the archives

A couple of blog posts from the archive for you…

Dynamic & Adaptable. Dynamic4: The 20th Year

This is Dynamic4’s origin story and Part 7 in a blog series I wrote in 2021 reflecting on what I’d learnt from the first 20 years of Dynamic4.

Purpose & Happiness

Purpose and happiness. A couple of simple words that seem to have taken on the burden of so many connotations… simultaneously meaning everything and nothing to many. At Dynamic4, the core of our purpose is to help create the conditions for happier people and communities. I guess I better explain myself.

Keen for some help solving problems that matter and having fun collaborating? I’d love to hear from you… I’m based in Sydney, Australia and work with people globally 😃