Design Outlook Design Leadership – Sydney 2024

Sarah Stokes at lectern. Slide text: Design's Bright Future

Design Outlook Design Leadership at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney last week was awesome. A room full of design leaders explored three topics. Each started with a short presentation and was followed by roundtable discussions.

Erietta Sapounakis kicked off with The New Design Leader, followed by Navigating Applied AI with Rachel Zhang… and Sarah Stokes brought it home with Design’s Bright Future. Of course, there was also lunch and we closed with drinks.

Mickey Rummery did a great job as MC, and each of the 10 tables had a host which included Frankie Balfour, Homaxi Irani, Larissa Azevedo, Meaghan Waters, Sam Hancock, and Vinita Israni. I also jumped in as one of the hosts and it was great to meet/hang out with a new group of leaders as everyone rotated for each topic. So many rich conversations… and new connections made.

I’m looking forward to heading to Melbourne tomorrow to do it all again on Thursday. We’ve got the same three topics with presentations by Andrew Lamont, Pina Starchenko, and Tim Dawson. Mickey is the MC again… and table hosts include Sammi Hinds, David Bradford, Kris Washusen, and Iva Halacheva.

It’s pretty much sold out but you might be able to score a last minute ticket.

I’m stoked to be part of the team behind the scenes advising and supporting the event with Grant Show (the master curator), Sharbani Dhar, John Lazzara, Elaine Tan, Bonnie Mooney, Neha Karira, Amy Sheppard, Chris Hudson, Benjamin Dokter, Sue Izmir, Brendan Moyle, Amir Ansari, Nikhil Bora, Catalina Bonavia, Glau Czarnota, Kate Verran, Rosie McAlister, Lisa Tahu, Aquent Australia.