Dynamic4 2024 Strategy

Dynamic4 2024 Strategy

Over the past few months I’ve been reviewing and refining our Dynamic4 2024 strategy for horizon 2027.

A critical part of this process is reviewing the evidence from the experiments to test the hypotheses and assumptions outlined in our 2023 strategy.

This is about ongoing refinement in the context of macro conditions and long-running trends. Refining and adapting, rather than wholesale changes.

The key focusing question has been “what’s our hedgehog”? What’s the most powerful intersection of:

  • What we really care about
  • What we can be the best in the world at
  • What best drives our economic engine

This can easily be switched to desirable, feasible, and viable. These lenses drive strategic choices on where we’ll play, how we’ll win, and what we need to win. Strategy is a theory to test by executing and responding to the evidence.

This means making explicit decisions about what we will and won’t do.

That’s a lot of talk about winning… but what does that actually mean?

What Does Winning Mean?

Mapping our hedgehog to action, I use our four priorities at a strategic, tactical, and operational level. For Dynamic4, winning means focusing on these priorities – generally in this order:

  1. Impact. It aligns with our purpose, theory of change, and strategy
  2. Enjoyment & Lifestyle. It’s how we want to spend our time
  3. Right Fit. We’re good at it and we’re the right people to be doing it
  4. Viable. The right financial performance (revenue, cost, and margin) vs risk

Winning doesn’t mean competing with or beating others. We’re here to collaborate and win together.

Dynamic4’s Purpose, Vision & Theory of Change

Dynamic4’s strategy exists within the context of our purpose, vision, and theory of change. This has been stable for many years now, but it’s critical context, so I’ll include it here for completeness.

Dynamic4’s Purpose

Dynamic4’s purpose is to help create the conditions for people to be happier and have increasing quality of life on a planet that’s cleaner and healthier – and live in communities that are more empowered, inclusive, and regenerative.

The way Dynamic4 can contribute most to this is to help transform the way business is done through leadership, design, and innovation. To accelerate the transition to more regenerative ways of living and doing business.

We do this by helping leaders and their organisations solve problems that matter in more empathic and innovative ways – and design business models, products, and services that are regenerative. Solutions that customers and teams love, make money, and do great things for people and our planet… all while increasing wellbeing.

Dynamic4’s Vision & Impact

Leaders and organisations solve problems that matter in more empathic, innovative, and regenerative ways – and measure success in outcomes for people, our planet, and prosperity.

People and communities are happier, have increasing quality of life, and live on a planet that’s cleaner and healthier.

Dynamic4’s Theory of Change

Dynamic4’s theory of change in simplest terms is:

If leaders and organisations solve problems that matter in more empathic, innovative, and regenerative ways and measure success not just in profit – but equally in outcomes for people and our planet…

Then people and communities will be happier, have increasing quality of life, and live on a planet that’s cleaner and healthier.

For a more complete description, check out our impact report which is updated regularly.

Where Will We Play?

Our core focus is to help leaders and their organisations solve problems that matter.

We play at the place where design, regenerative innovation, and wellbeing meet.

Dynamic4 specialises in working with leaders who have the challenge of navigating ambiguity and uncertainty to lead, design, and deliver change in complex organisations. There are three key subsegments:

  • Senior execs who are looking at this from a culture/organisational development, digital transformation, or performance perspective
  • People & culture leaders (L&D, HR, recruiters) who partner with senior execs to deliver on this strategic imperative through training, coaching, and recruitment
  • Leaders and their teams who we coach, train, and work alongside to solve problems that matter in more empathic, innovative, and regenerative ways

This is against the backdrop of rapidly shifting expectations of talent, customers, investors, and regulators.

Some key attributes of the leaders we work with:

  • Leading design, innovation, and change. This includes leading digital transformation, design, and product teams
  • Want to design, build, and launch solutions that their customers and teams love, make money, and do great things for people and our planet… all while increasing wellbeing
  • Feel the pressure of balancing expectations from their teams and other internal stakeholders, customers, investors and shareholders, and regulators. Feeling like they’re under constant scrutiny and are going to get caught out and exposed
  • Wondering what the meaning of it all is and being at risk of burnout. Sometimes feel like work is a grind and it’s not aligned with their purpose and values
  • Feeling like they’re not making progress, getting meaning from work, influencing stakeholders, and being recognised/rewarded. Fear they’ll be stuck in this loop feeling like they don’t have options… while wanting options that lead to more flexibility, earning more, and having a comfortable lifestyle for themselves and the people they love

Why play here? Because I love it, and it leverages my 30+ years of experience bringing together strategy, design, and tech to lead, design, and deliver strategic change in financial services and founding startups/social enterprises in Australia, NZ, the UK, and Europe.

How Will We Win?

For us, winning means collaborating and winning together.

At Dynamic4, we specialise in coaching, training, and working alongside leaders to solve problems that matter.

A key way we do this is by designing and delivering action learning experiences with masterclasses, workshops, innovation sprints, and leadership, design thinking & innovation programs. These integrate purpose, wellbeing, and regen into design and business decisions.

The work we do builds personal, team, and organisational capability to solve problems that matter with more:

❤️ Clarity on your purpose, goals, and approach to navigate complexity and make progress
🎯 Momentum to achieve your goals by building the workflows, rhythms, and habits for success
🌿 Confidence to move forward with more certainty and less risk while increasing your wellbeing

We also work alongside leaders and their digital transformation, design, and product teams to do strategic design with a focus on business, experience, and solution architecture. Delivering work while helping build internal capability.

Philosophy & Approach

We focus on building capability and ecosystems by coaching, advising, training, and working alongside the people and communities we engage with. A collaboration rather than an agency or consulting model.

Our approach is transdisciplinary and integrates what are often seen as discrete fields into a single practice. Some core principles that drive our thinking and behaviours:

  • Build and nurture meaningful long-term relationships based on trust and mutual value creation
  • Deeply empathic human-centred design and living systems approach
  • Integrate wellbeing, positive psych, and happiness habits into workflow
  • Apply action learning principles by prioritising experiential project-based learning focused on learning through doing with reflective practice and coaching
  • Embrace digital transformation, innovation, and emerging tech – but keep people and living systems at the centre
  • Design for serendipity. Stay open and curious by saying yes – but gracefully decline or redirect where it’s not a strategic priority

What Will We Not Do?

  • Take on any engagements that aren’t directly aligned with our purpose and help us deliver on our theory of change and strategic priorities – or require a consultancy/agency model
  • Enter into collaborations/partnerships without aligned expectations and mutual value creation
  • Invest time or money in startup ideas without doing full due diligence and alignment in expectations
  • Take a transactional approach
  • Build products before proven demand (pre-sold)
  • Automate before a strong pattern of repetition

What Do We Need To Win?

  • Our product ecosystem
  • Compelling go-to-market strategy
  • Collaborators and strategic partnerships
  • Operating model and business systems

What’s the Plan?

It’s important to remember that a strategy is not the same as a plan… and a plan is not the same as a strategy. This strategy describes our testable hypothesis. The work we do and experiments we run are designed to test this thinking – and refine it to follow the evidence. There are assumptions in our strategy that I’m actively testing.

This strategy flows through to our objectives and key results (OKRs) with strategic initiatives for the year and quarters… which flows into our 90-day plans and sprint plans. A constant work in progress.

Let’s Collaborate

We specialise in coaching, training, and working alongside leaders to solve problems that matter.

I’ve shared a bit about what we do, why we do it, and our approach. If you see alignment… let’s collaborate and have some fun!

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