Earth Day 2023. Invest In Our Planet

View of earth from space with sunset over Australia. Text: Happy Earth Day 2023. Invest In Our Planet

Happy Earth Day! April is Earth Month and 22 April is Earth Day. We’re excited to be a part of the world’s largest environmental movement with We all have the power and duty to make our voices heard. What each of us does – and how we do it – has a massive ripple effect on our ecosystems.

Invest In Our Planet is the theme again this year – and it’s focused on engaging governments, institutions, businesses, and the more than 1 billion citizens who participate annually in Earth Day to do their part – everyone accounted for, everyone accountable. It also highlights the importance of dedicating our time, resources, and energy to solving climate change and other environmental issues.

Now is the time to take action and Invest In Our Planet together. When we do this we’re supporting healthy, happy, and prosperous communities worldwide. Check out Earth Day’s Action Toolkit to get involved.

Dynamic4 is focused on helping create the conditions for people and communities to be happier, have increasing quality of life, and live on a planet that is cleaner and healthier. We play at the place where design, regenerative innovation, and wellbeing meet… and we spend our time helping leaders and founders solve problems that matter in more empathic and innovative ways.

Dynamic4 is also proud to be a member of the B Corp Climate Collective and the SME Climate Hub as part of the UN’s Race to Zero campaign. We were also one of the 533 B Corps who publicly committed to net zero emissions by the year 2030 at COP25 in 2019. We take this commitment seriously. We’ve been climate positive since 2010 – we consistently minimise our carbon impact and offset 20% more than our calculated emissions – but we still have so much more to learn and do. Our Impact Report show’s our approach.

If you’re climate curious and just getting started – or already taking bold action, I recommend checking out The Climate Justice Playbook for Business: How to Centre Climate Action in Climate Justice for practical help on your journey.

I encourage you to think about the communities your business could work with to take action on climate justice. Start by listening and remember our role is to learn from those most impacted. I’d love to hear the approach you’re taking and how things are progressing. Let’s collaborate!

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