Impact Boom 400th Episode – Preventing Burnout

Impact Boom logo. Text: How To Prevent Burnout For Impact Entrepreneurs And Purpose-Led Leaders

Wow, the 400th episode of Impact Boom has just been published focused on the critically important topic of “How To Prevent Burnout For Impact Entrepreneurs And Purpose-Led Leaders”.

A huge congrats to Tom Allen and the rest of the Impact Boom team. A massive milestone… and a key resource for all of us in the impact community.

It’s an honour to be one of the 18 purpose-driven leaders in the business for good movement who contributed to this episode. We shared our thoughts and experience on how we prevent and deal with burnout – and provide some inspiration on how to live a more balanced life… so we can all keep contributing to creating positive impact.

Helping founders and leaders build happiness habits and increase their wellbeing and avoid burnout is core to everything we do.

I’ve had my own practice and coached others for over 30 years, including mindbody training from my mid-teens. When I founded Dynamic4 in 2001, Dynamic4 Fitness was half of the business. We specialised in using Pilates, spin, and 1:1 sessions to help our clients be fit for life with a strong emphasis on posture, core strength, body awareness, breath control, and mental focus – to enhance both wellbeing and a sense of achievement.

Now helping people increase their wellbeing is integrated into all of the coaching work we do and the action learning programs we design and deliver – while helping leaders and founders design, build, and launch their ideas. Mindset is chapter one of my book Solve Problems That Matter.

I’ve found our integrated approach with key practices embedded in workflow – and a focus on learning through doing – is immediately applied in practical ways so the benefits are felt and become building blocks for more… helping build and sustain momentum.

Want some personalised help avoiding becoming broke, burnt out, and isolated… or recover if you’ve found yourself in that situation? Check out how our coaching works.

I meet you where you’re at, help you get clarity on your goals, create your action plan with clear next steps, and establish the workflow, rhythm, and habits to build momentum and confidence. You can get started with the free healthcheck and scorecard across five key areas to baseline where you’re at.