Inner Development & Accelerating Innovation in the New World of Work

Inner Development Goals sketchnotes

A couple of events yesterday… Miro’s Accelerating Innovation in the New World of Work at The Rocks and then Inner Development & Sustainability at Sydney Uni.

Great to hear from Sarah Stokes and Adrienne Tan on a panel hosted by David Oakley… they shared some of their insights on leading and coaching distributed product teams across timezones, different workstyle preferences, the power of asynchronous collaboration, and using tools like Miro to help facilitate some of this.

Awesome to catch up with a few old friends and colleagues including SarahAnthonyPatrick & Rahul.

Then it was a bolt across town for a session on the Inner Development Goals (IDGs). I’ve been following the progress from afar for over a year, and I’m stoked the movement is building momentum.

The IDGs are “transformational skills for sustainable development”. It includes an opensource framework with five integrated dimensions and 23 qualities, abilities, and skills we need to create individual, organisational, and societal change… the things we need to be able to progress and meet the Sustainable Development Goals, solve problems that matter in more empathic and innovative ways… and live a happy meaningful life.

It was a hybrid event with a full room at Sydney Uni and plenty online with a few timezones represented. Daniel Hires and Fredrik Lindencrona from IDG shared more about the IDG framework and the ongoing research and collaborations.

Thomas Hübl gave the keynote and shared so many beautiful, profound, and powerful insights on trauma informed leadership and practice – both individual and collective trauma. How we can heal – not by pathologising it – but seeing it as a natural and ongoing process. Learning pending. And growing our inner space to be more connected to the outer world and let it in.

A huge thanks to Vivianna Rodriguez Carreon and the rest of the team for convening and bringing us all together. The first of many I’m sure as we co-create the IDG Australia Hub. It was awesome to see you there ZaraHenriettaDimity & Alice!

When I wrote my book Solve Problems That Matter in 2021, I knew the only place to start was with mindset, happiness habits, and personal sustainability. It’s chapter one. These practices are then integrated throughout as I guide people through designing, building, and launching their social enterprise idea. For me, it’s the integration that matters most. That’s a focus of the IDGs too.

I’m hoping the IDGs will play a critical role in increasing awareness and provide a shared language and framework for this important work. Research is ongoing and there’s a simple survey you can complete. Links to get involved below.

Exciting times.