Leading Change – Research & Report

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As a leader, how are you adapting to meet the rapidly shifting expectations of your teams, customers, investors, and regulators?

I’m doing some research on what you as leaders – and your teams and stakeholders – are experiencing. What you care about, and what you’re aiming for. What you feel good about. The challenges you’re facing. And the longer-term trends at play.

I’ll present the findings from my research in a report. It might even evolve into my next book.

The purpose of this post is to outline the premise and my point of exploration for this research… and to invite you to get involved.

Who should get involved?

I’m specifically focused on leaders who navigate complexity to lead, design, and deliver change.

I’m curious to learn more about what you think leadership and being a leader actually means. Do you see yourself as a leader? Why? Why not? What are the perspectives of teams, senior executives, internal stakeholders – and the people & culture/L&D professionals who are focused on growing leadership capability.

I want to learn more about how you’re responding to the changed and changing context. Some key themes and trends to explore include:

  • Expectations of teams, customers, investors, and regulators
  • The role of purpose in business
  • Digital transformation, innovation, and emerging tech
  • Collaboration, workflow, organisation design, and hybrid work
  • Leader, team, and stakeholder wellbeing and psychological safety with diverse and inclusive teams and work environments
  • How all of these dimensions fit with organisational culture, learning strategies, and managing risk

I’m keen to hear the perspectives of people in my network and who I already work with… and beyond. Please help me reach as many people as possible who resonate with these themes.

I’m not looking to validate my thinking, I’m doing this to test, learn, and challenge my thinking. I welcome all perspectives on these themes, and I’ll follow the evidence.

How do I get involved?

I want to keep this as simple as possible…

  • Join the waitlist for the report. You’ll be the first to get it and I’ll also share insights that are emerging during the process
  • You’ll be invited to complete the survey that takes ~5 minutes, and you can also express interest to be interviewed – or recommend someone who you think I should interview

You might be wondering… what perspective am I bringing to this?

Why me… and why am I doing this research?

I coach, train, and work alongside leaders to help them design, build, and launch ideas that customers love, make money, and do great things for people and our planet… all while increasing wellbeing. That’s the work we do at Dynamic4.

Every year, I have the privilege of working with hundreds of leaders and future leaders.

My mission is to help leaders and organisations solve problems that matter and rapidly transition to more regenerative ways of living and doing business… to help create the conditions for people and communities to be happier.

To do this, I play at the place where design thinking, regenerative innovation, and wellbeing meet.

The work I do helps build personal, team, and organisational capability to solve problems that matter with more:

❤️ Clarity on your purpose, goals, and approach to navigate complexity and make progress
🎯 Momentum to achieve your goals by building the workflows, rhythms, and habits for success
🌿 Confidence to move forward with more certainty and less risk while increasing your wellbeing

To guide you on your journey, I bring 30+ years of successfully designing and delivering strategic change in financial services, and founding startups/social enterprises in Australia, NZ, the UK, and Europe.

These years have been full of learning, failing, iterating, and adapting. And still are. I’m a designer and founder skilled at coaching people to learn through doing – building on real-world experience and current practice – not just theory.

In 2021 I wrote Solve Problems That Matter. The purpose of that book is to help you take a human-centred approach to design, build, and launch your ideas – and build momentum. It’s a playbook supported by free worksheets.

This research and report is an extension of this work but focused specifically on leaders who navigate complexity to lead, design, and deliver change. My aim is that the actionable insights and framework from this research will help us all:

  • Build our own leadership capabilities
  • Nurture our teams and emerging leaders
  • Grow organisational cultures that are adept at navigating complexity to solve problems that matter in more empathic and innovative ways…

So that we lead change that makes us all happier… and means we live and do business in more regenerative ways.

Get involved!

Join the waitlist for the report now. You’ll be the first to get it and I’ll also share insights that are emerging during the process.