Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) 2022

SEWF 2022

Less than a week until Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) in Brisbane! I can’t wait for Sunday when 45 of us jump on the social enterprise roadtrip bus and tour up the east coast, visiting a few social enterprises on the way.

A night in Nambucca Heads and then on to Byron Bay, where I’m looking forward to the The Time is Now for Social Enterprise event at Sourdough Business Pathways. I’ll be on a panel led by Julia Keady, with Michelle Sutherland & Louise Tran… and I got a taste of the awesome experience and perspectives they bring from the fun briefing chat we just had. Thanks to Davina Bambrick & Tom Dawkins for hosting and inviting me in.

Tuesday we get to Brisbane in time for the GoodNorth opening party brought together by my good mate and collaborator Luke Faccini from Sponge. Then we’ve got two days packed with great speakers sharing their experience.

It’s going to be a fun week of hanging out with old friends, including loads of people I haven’t seen since before the pandemic, and some I’ve only known on-screen… and making plenty of new friends too. See you there?

A huge thanks and congrats to Tom DawkinsNimmity ZappertGabriella PirintjiLucy Brotherton, and the rest of the team and supporters for making the bus roadtrip happen… also to Tom AllenBelinda MorrisseyAlex HannantElise ParupsDominiqe Bird, the White Box Enterprises team and the many other people who’ve worked so hard over the past few years to win the bid to bring SEWF to Brisbane and make it happen. Love your work!

Game on.