Social Enterprise Day 2020

Social Enterprise Day 2020

Happy Social Enterprise Day 2020! It’s part of Global Entrepreneurship Week… a day to raise the profile of social enterprise around the world!

What is a Social Enterprise?

There’s no single definition of what a social enterprise is but the core ingredients are that the organisation exists to deliver on a clear social and/or environmental purpose, and trades to do so – with the majority of revenue being generated through selling products and services. Social Traders is the certifying organisation for social enterprises in Australia . Their definition is:

“Social enterprises are businesses that trade to intentionally tackle social problems, improve communities, provide people access to employment and training, or help the environment.”

Social Traders

Social enterprises matter! Research has shown that for every dollar spent with a social enterprise, it earns multiples in social value.

What Can I Do to Celebrate?

Glad you asked. You can celebrate and support social enterprises every day… and I hope you will. Here’s some ways you can get involved.

Social Enterprises in NSW & ACT

Why not celebrate the day by joining the Social Enterprise Council for NSW & ACT (SECNA), the member-led peak body to represent the interests of social enterprises across NSW & ACT. SECNA is by and for the social enterprise community and focused on raising awareness, building a connected ecosystem, and advocating to government.

If you’re keen to be part of the community but not a social enterprise organisation, you can always join as an Associate Member.

I’m proud to be a founding board member and the treasurer of SECNA.

Social Enterprises Outside NSW & ACT

If you’re in another Australian state or territory, check out your local council or network… QSEC, SENVIC, SASEC, WASEC, and Impact North. ASENA is our alliance to collaborate nationally.

The Social Enterprise World Forum brings together the global social enterprise community through their events and other activities.

What Else?

There are plenty of great social enterprises providing products and services to companies, other social enterprises, NFPs, all levels of government, community groups, and individuals.

I hope you’ll review your procurement policies and personal spending to consider or even preference social enterprises.

We’ll be getting the directory of our SECNA members public very soon and there are a range of other directories and communities. Feel free to contact me to help you find social enterprises to work with, buy from, and even invest in.

Dynamic4 Can Help

Dynamic4 is a social enterprise and certified B Corp focused on design & innovation for happier communities. We specialise in collaborating with social enterprises and NFPs to take a human-centred approach to designing sustainable business models with embedded impact and a clear value exchange… and design and build digital solutions that deliver and scale their impact to thrive in a connected world.

Dynamic4 Jetpack is our incubator and coaching program for early stage social enterprise startups – helping build momentum and move forward with confidence.

Dynamic4 Thrive is our incubator and coaching program helping NFPs create social enterprise products and services that deliver on their core purpose while generating sustainable earned income.

Say hello! We’d love to have a chat to see how we can work together…