Southstart 2024

Text: Southstart. Step into the Magic. 5-7 March / ADL

Basking in the afterglow of another amazing _SOUTHSTART. A massive thanks to Danielle Seymour, Craig Swann, Jason Neave, Base Yates, Tiffany Bond, Natalie Benovic, the rest of the team and volunteers. You did your magic again and it’s always fun hanging out with you all!

A fun few days of learning and sharing, hanging out with old friends and making a lot of new friends too. A day in The Garden of Unearthly Delights, a bit of yoga and mindfulness on the beach, parties and mischief. It’s not something I can describe… it’s something you need to experience. See you there next year 😃

Thanks for all the fun Steve Taitoko, Arianna Petra Watson, Tom Dawkins, Brendan Yell, Abbe Hyde, Vicki Stirling, Sarah Jane Pell, Mike Kelly, Greg Hodgkinson, Alan Jones, Dickie Currer, Leesa Chesser, Sarah McLachlan, Elizabeth Kaelin, Victor Lee, Simon Thomsen, Julie Trell, Kevin Jochelson… and so many others.