Solve Problems That Matter: Last Update for 2021

Ben Pecotich holding print proofs of his book Solve Problems That Matter

The final Solve Problems That Matter book update for 2021. I kind of hope you don’t see this until 2022 because you’re enjoying a good break! An exciting step in my journey of writing, designing, and publishing my book. I just received a couple of print proofs, and it feels great to have the physical print book in my hands.

A massive thanks to everyone who has already bought their copy (or multiple!), sent through endorsements that made me blush and feel awesome, and cheered me on over the past year. I really value your support.

I started researching the self-publishing world and made the decision to write the book on 22 December last year… and started writing the outline on 30 December. After starting the launch process on 14 October with the release of the teaser and opening up for paid pre-orders, I’m about to move into the next phase of the progressive launch.

Over the next few days, I’ll be spending some more time in InDesign making some final design tweaks, finalising some words, and creating the reflowable ebook layout.

The last day of the pre-launch offer will be 31 December 2021. $49 gets you all three formats – the print book, high-quality PDF (same as the print book), and the ebook format (the most accessible version). With this one-time offer, you’re getting the PDF and ebook formats for free. You get the PDF version now for some summer reading…

I’m looking forward to solving problems that matter together in 2022. Have fun!