Jetpack Step 1: Set the Stage for Success

Step 1: Set the stage for success. 6 steps to launch your purpose-driven startup

Hurry, Hurry. Don’t Rush

From the outset, we want to encourage you to take your time on each step. Don’t attempt to rush through them. Follow them in order and move from one to the next only when you’re ready. If you skip a step, you’ll find yourself winding back which will most likely mean you’ll have to let something else go or throw something out. Apart from wasting precious time, that could cost you money, relationships and reputational brownie points. So remember, go at your own pace and enjoy the journey. Now, let’s get started!

Step 1:  Set the Stage for Success

Your goal at the end of Jetpack for Changemakers Step 1 is to describe your idea, its value, and the support you need to deliver it – within 60 seconds.

Take time to think

Before you do ANYTHING below, it’s worth stopping.

And thinking.

Ask yourself what commitments you have and where your time goes.

Of all of these commitments, what is non-negotiable? These are things you will always need to do, no matter what.

Next, make a list of the things you can eliminate altogether.

Use the time that’s freed up to book in regular, consistent intervals to work on your startup.

Get clarity

Get clarity on four things:

  • Why you’re starting up
  • Your personal connection to the issue you’re tackling
  • Who you will deliver value to (be really clear: if ten people walked into a room, how could you quickly determine which of the ten are the people you should be most focused on?)
  • What form you think that value will be delivered in?

To give you an idea, here is a little example of what it should look like.

Jetpack for Changemakers Golden Circle Example

Clarity of purpose helps you make effective decisions, especially when things are chaotic. This is our own example. We continually revisit and refine.

Pitch Your Heart Out

Start pitching. Start pitching to the video recorder on your phone. Pitch to the mirror. Keep practicing until you can pitch at a conversational tone and pace. By the time you’re done practicing, you should be able to describe the following, in simple language

  • Who you’re helping (or who your customers are)
  • What problem you’re solving for them
  • How your startup solves that problem for them
  • Any proof points you have to gain their confidence
  • Ask them for something to help you to do that (at this stage in your journey, it could be as little as asking them if you can spend time with them to learn more about the problem you’re tackling)

Now, go and pitch to real people. Pay very close attention and learn from their reaction.

Jetpack for Changemakers Gaddie Pitch

Our favourite simple pitch structure. The Gaddie Pitch will have you pitching in no time. It’s great for developing a super-short, conversational pitch you can deliver in 60 seconds or less.

Jetpack for Changemakers Gaddie Pitch Example

Our version of the Gaddie Pitch. Like most things, we refine it and tweak it, depending on who we’re talking to, what they’re interested in and what we’re asking for. Gaddie is a great structure because it’s so flexible. You can add and remove content as needed. For example, we sometimes mention that Jetpack is a recommended program for ING Dreamstarter Scholarships.

Up Next…

Jetpack Step 2: Create Purposeful Value. Identify your target customers, the problem you’re focusing on and test assumptions.

These articles are written to capture the essence of the six steps of the Jetpack for Changemakers program. We’re sharing them to provide a guide of what we have found to be most effective for purpose-driven startups. If you are interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding, along with the accountability and personalised guidance from experienced coaches to complete each step, please get in touch with us. We would love chat about your options.

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