SydDT #100: Delivering Inclusive Experiences in Public Services

SydDT #100: Delivering Inclusive Experiences in Public Services with Therese Konwerski and Keith Diamond

Thursday, 13 June 2024 @ 6pm. Thoughtworks, Sydney

At SydDT #100 on 13 June, we’re lucky to have Therese Konwerski and Keith Diamond sharing some of their stories of designing inclusive digital products and services in public services. Come join us for some fun conversations with interesting people keen on design thinking. Grab your ticket now!

We’ll also be celebrating a couple of milestones. Our 9th birthday… and 100th meetup! There might even be cake 😃

And we’re closing in on 10,000 SydDT members. For some fun – and as an incentive to join SydDT (for free) – everyone who joins between now and 12 June will go into the draw to win a copy of my book Solve Problems That Matter. I’ll put all names into a randomiser and draw the winner at our meetup on 13 June… and you don’t need to be in the room to win – we can only fit ~80 😄


Therese Konwerski
Principal Product Owner, NSW Fair Trading & Regulatory Services -Department of Customer Service

Therese is the Principal Product Owner at NSW Fair Trading and Regulatory Services within the Department of Customer Service. She’s a certified Scrum Product Owner and has experience working on multiple digital and data projects for Fair Trading where she has worked for over eight years and currently leads the Digital and Data Delivery team building the Strata Hub.

Therese has a passion for digital innovation and finding ways to improve user experience to make digital tools accessible and as easy to use as possible.

Keith Diamond
Head of Social Impact, Symplicit

Keith brings over 15 years of multi-disciplinary leadership and strategic thinking to experience design drawing from a diverse background in urban design, media production, and psychology. He’s delivered government keynotes and webinars advocating for human-centred universal design, while his work supporting communities affected by natural disasters has earned recognition as Best in Class for Design Research at Australia’s Good Design Awards.

Keith is a director and Head of Social Impact at Symplicit, a human-centred agency offering end-to-end design and implementation services for a broad range of clients, including organisations delivering public services. He’s passionate about using collaborative co-design, data-driven outcomes, and trauma-informed practice to deliver inclusive, heart-felt impact.

Event Sponsors

A huge thanks to our sponsors for this event… Thoughtworks for hosting, Lanson Partners, The Growth Habit, and Dynamic4.

30 May: SydDT #99

We’ve got one SydDT before then. On 30 May, Martin Tomitsch and Steve Baty will be talking about their new book Designing Tomorrow and the journey that led to the book. It’s been sold out but I’ve just released a few more tickets.

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