The Countdown to 10,000 SydDT Members

Our first ever Sydney Design Thinking meetup was on 11 June 2015. On Thursday, 13 June we’ll be celebrating our 9th birthday… and 100th meetup!

Maybe we’ll even be celebrating the milestone of 10,000 SydDT members? Right now we’re at 9,303… can we welcome 700 new members in just under two months?!

For some fun – and as an incentive to join SydDT (for free) – everyone who joins between now and 12 June will go into the draw to win a copy of my book Solve Problems That Matter.

I’ll put all names into a randomiser and draw the winner at our meetup on 13 June… and you don’t need to be in the room to win – we can only fit ~80 😄

Kate has been organising our 100th meetup and the topic is Delivering Inclusive Experiences in Public Services. More details coming soon.

For now, make sure you join our Meetup page and hit “Join this group”… and you’re automatically in the game!

What’s SydDT?

Sydney Design Thinking (SydDT) is a diverse community of 9,000+ members. We’ve been meeting monthly since 2015 to explore the world of design thinking as a human-centred design approach to innovation and solving complex problems – to help create positive outcomes for people, our planet, and business. We’re one of the top design thinking meetups globally.

You can watch some of our meetups on Youtube. Check out the SydDT playlist…