SydDT #70 & 7th Birthday: XLAs for Design Thinking & Service Design

SydDT #70 & 7th Birthday: XLAs for Design Thinking and Service Design

We hosted the first Sydney Design Thinking meetup 7 years ago… and we had our 70th meetup on Thursday night. Benjamin Baader led an interactive discussion in a hybrid format on Experience Level Agreements (XLAs). Awesome to see some first timers and a bunch of the regulars, including some who were there from the beginning in 2015.

We’re now a community of over 8,300 members and one of the biggest design thinking meetups in the world. We explore all sorts of interesting and diverse topics with a strong focus on using design thinking as a human-centred approach to innovation and solving complex problems to have a positive impact on people, our planet, and business.

A massive thanks to all the speakers, panelists, and facilitators over the years… Thoughtworks for being our long term sponsor… the SydDT organising team… and most of all the SydDT community for engaging so openly and being the reason we do it! Come join us!

Meetup Announcement

Thursday, 9 June 2022 @ 6pm. ThoughtWorks, Sydney.

Measuring the Watermelon

We all want to provide excellent levels of service and for decades now we have measured the service we provide through Service Level Agreements (or SLAs) – [Insert Yawn here!]. So while SLAs can help measure services in objective terms, they seem to miss the key fact that services are assessed by customers from a subjective perspective.

This why over the past few years, we have started to see a shift towards setting and measuring XLAs or Experience Level Agreements. In our next Sydney Design Thinking Meetup, we will explore the growing realm of XLAs under the expert guidance of Benjamin Baader.

Benjamin has been looking into the world of XLAs and is keen to work with our design community to workshop and discuss XLAs, better define them and understand them as a group, consider the value they bring, their challenges and what they may mean for measuring experiences in the future.

This session will be informative and collaborative and will contain a number of workshop activities to allow each of us to consider what XLAs are and what they could be, how we might leverage them and even some of their challenges.

Our Speaker & Facilitator

Benjamin Baader

Benjamin is a design consultant with a track record of over 20 years of creating engaging experiences. Starting originally as communication designer, Benjamin’s career soon developed into more strategic roles, designing with multi-faceted teams creating awarded brand and customer experiences for local and global companies.

Today Benjamin applies design thinking and service design to help companies reimagine their future business and to help them provide meaningful customer and employee experiences.

The meetup will be hosted by Thoughtworks at their office next to Wynyard Station and will also be livestreamed (free) on Zoom from 6:30.


We’re obviously still in the middle of a pandemic and attendance means complying with NSW State Gov and venue covid restrictions. If you’re not feeling well on the day please stay at home.

Event Sponsor

Thanks to Thoughtworks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.