SydDT #71: Plastic Free July

SydDT #71: Plastic Free July

Thursday, 14 July 2022 was SydDT #71: Plastic Free July. A huge thanks to Nimmity Zappert from All of the Good Things and Elizabeth McClean from DJAMU for sharing their social enterprise startup journeys. Both are focused on reducing plastic waste, as well as helping create great outcomes for people and communities.

I loved hearing how Nimmity and Liz take a genuine human-centred approach to designing both their solution and business model. They deeply engage and collaborate with the people and communities they’re working to help. Check out their social enterprises, be a customer, and help spread the word!

Our next meetup is SydDT #72: Design Megameetup – UX Australia. We’ve teamed up with our friends at IxDA SydneyEUX Sydney, CCX Sydney, and UX Australia again to put on a fun participatory event.

Meetup Announcement

Thursday, 14 July 2022 @ 6pm. ThoughtWorks, Sydney.

Please join us for some thought provoking conversation with interesting people keen on design thinking. Using design thinking to contribute to a positive impact on people, our planet, and business has always been core to what SydDT is all about.

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. The small changes we collectively take make a massive difference and that’s what the challenge is all about.

Come and meet a couple of Aussie social enterprise startups focused on helping make this happen. The meetup will be hosted by Thoughtworks at their office next to Wynyard Station and will also be livestreamed (free) on Zoom from 6:30.


Nimmity Zappert

Founder, All of the Good Things & Authentic Selling. Chair, Fair Trade Association of ANZ

Nimmity will share her journey starting All of the Good Things, which is aimed at making it simple for us to live the Good life – that is one that is good for people and good our planet. We’ll learn why Nimmity is passionate about the Fair Trade movement as a vehicle for alleviating poverty by providing markets to disadvantaged producers, and how the holistic approach of the Fair Trade movement includes a strong focus on respect for the environment.

Before founding her own enterprises, All of the Good Things and Authentic Selling, Nimmity worked for 25+ years in senior management in the software industry. Working across a broad international landscape, this included working in Africa, Middle East, Europe (including Russia and Central Europe), Scandinavia, Asia and the Americas. As well as providing fantastic experiences exploring the world, these experiences also highlighted the extreme contrast in her living and travelling circumstances, and those she saw in her travels. This sparked a passion in the Fair Trade movement. Nimmity currently volunteers as the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand. Nimmity enjoys hiking, exploring new cities, art, camping and reading fantasy novels.

Elizabeth McClean

Founder, DJAMU. Co-founder, A Journey Bespoke (Jakarta lifestyle blog)

Elizabeth will share her journey beginning the day her family moved from Sydney to Jakarta in 2012 – what led her to establish DJAMU, a social enterprise working to provide a solution to the dual challenges of plastic pollution and poverty in Indonesia, and how she’s using social and technological innovation as a vehicle for change.

An aspiring environmentalist and humanitarian with a passion for building engaged and healthy communities, Elizabeth is the founder of DJAMU, an early stage social enterprise startup located in Jakarta Indonesia. DJAMU is a circular solution to reducing plastic waste pollution and taking positive action to combat poverty, through up-skilling and educating a marginalised trash picker and informal work community in South Jakarta.

Alongside being a social impact entrepreneur, Elizabeth has also been a secondary school leader and teacher in Australia for 20+ years and understands the importance of education to unlocking opportunity. Her career has been built on her strong belief in social justice, equity, and inclusion – and using advocacy, education, innovation, and strategic partnerships to solve big world problems.


We’re obviously still in the middle of a pandemic and attendance means complying with NSW State Gov and venue covid restrictions. If you’re not feeling well on the day please stay at home.

Event Sponsor

Thanks to Thoughtworks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.