SydDT #72: Design Megameetup – UX Australia 2022

SydDT #72: Design MegaMeetup - UX Australia 2022

Thursday, 18 August 2022 was our Sydney design megameetup – a collaboration between SydDT, IxDA Sydney, EUX Sydney, and CCX Sydney. We normally do a couple each year and this one was to celebrate the lead into UX Australia.

It sure was mega and it was awesome to see the room buzzing with over 100 people. We had four people speaking at UXA next week share an outline of their topic before putting a provocation to the group to start the discussion in an open space format. I loved the conversations and insights that came from it.

Thanks to Natasha Ballantyne for leading a conversation on digital inclusion, Rich Brophy on “death to best practice”, Jonathan Duhig on culture change in transformation programs… and I came off the bench to fill in for Catherine & Kerry who had to drop out – mine was how might you help create the change you want to see? What are you already doing?

Thanks to everyone who came and made it a fun night! As always, the meetup was a great way to make some new friends, learn, and share.

Thanks to Tank Stream Labs, The Onset, and BCG Digital Ventures for sponsoring. Thanks also to my fellow organisers for making it happen: Verawaty, Kevin, Joe, Adam, Jessica-Lee, and Kevin.

At SydDT we’ve got some more fun sessions coming up… 8 September is Measuring Impact with the UN World Food Programme, 13 October is Design Thinking in Social Enterprise Startups as part of Spark Festival, and 10 November is Highlights from the 2022 Good Design Awards. Come join us!

Meetup Announcement

Thursday, 18 August 2022 @ 6pm. Tank Stream Labs, Sydney.

We’ve teamed up with our friends from three other Sydney design meetups to put on a Design Megameetup in the lead up to UX Australia (UXA). This will be a fun participatory session. Grab your ticket now!

Format & Presenters

We’ll use an open space format with five UXA speakers sharing an outline of the topic they’ll be speaking about at UXA with some key thinking/insights and a provocation to start the discussion. A great way to make some new friends, learn, and share.

We’re lucky to have these five awesome speakers join us:

  • Natasha Ballantyne. National Design Director, PwC – The life-changing potential of digital inclusion
  • Rich Brophy. Principal Service Designer, NSW Department of Customer Service – Death to “best practice”: The journey to cohesive design practice at scale
  • Jon Duhig. Service Designer – Getting under their skin: culture change in transformation programs
  • Catherine Gleeson. Head of Human Centred Design, Rest Super & Kerry Matheson. Head of Member Journeys, Rest Super – Accidental Innovation: The 5 Week Sprint Model
  • Ben Pecotich. Design & Innovation Director/Founder, Dynamic4 – How to Solve Problems That Matter

The Design Megameetup Collective

The meetup groups putting this event on are:
• Enterprise UX Sydney (EUXSyd)
• IxDA Sydney
• Sydney Creative Customer Experience (CCX)
• Sydney Design Thinking (SydDT)


We’re obviously still in the middle of a pandemic and attendance means complying with NSW State Gov and venue covid restrictions. If you’re not feeling well on the day please stay at home.


Thanks to Tank Streams Labs for hosting this event. Thanks to The Onset and BCG Digital Ventures for being the refreshments sponsors.