SydDT #75: Good Design Awards 2022 Highlights

SydDT #75: Good Design Awards 2022 Highlights

Thursday was our 75th #SydDT. A huge thanks to Ben Crothers and Kate Ingram for sharing their reflections and highlights from this year’s Good Design Awards as a couple of the ambassadors. The state of the design nation.

Special mentions for Danny Webster and Mary-Claire Monsalve for the ABC Listen app, Sebastian Adams for the Forcite MK1S helmet, and the Meld Studios team.

I really liked the questions Ben and Kate posed… what do you want your design work to stand for? What do you want to dial up or down, to make that happen?

We were also lucky to have Susan Wolfe share some thoughts on World Usability Day, something she’s been involved with from the beginning and was also on the committee that got this recognised as an official day on the calendar.

A big thanks to everyone who came along for a fun night. Couldn’t make it or just want to relive it? You can watch it now.

A huge thanks to Thoughtworks for hosting and their continued support… to the rest of the organising crew Zoe Rosen, Kate Linton, and Lucas Mara for another great year of SydDT!

I look forward to seeing everyone at our end of year design megameetup on 1 December! No formalities or talks for this one, just a good chance to reconnect with the regulars in the community and welcome plenty of new people.

Meetup Announcement

Thursday, 10 November 2022 @ 6pm. Thoughtworks, Sydney

Come join us for some fun conversations with interesting people keen on design thinking. This month Ben Crothers and Kate Ingram will be sharing their reflections as a judge/ambassador for the 2022 Good Design Awards.

Good Design Australia has a proud history that dates back to 1958 and they’re passionately committed to recognising, rewarding, and promoting the importance of design to business, industry, government and the general public… and the critical role it plays in creating a better, safer, and a more sustainable and prosperous future.


Ben Crothers

Principal Facilitator, Bright Pilots. Good Design Ambassador

Ben has been a designer since before Netscape ruled the www, and is currently a facilitator and design strategist at Bright Pilots (his online training and facilitation business), where he teaches teams of all sorts about design and facilitation methods, running strategic workshops, and generally helping teams get un-stuck. Previous to Bright Pilots, Ben was Principal Designer at Atlassian, a Design Director at Second Road (a strategic innovation consultancy), plus some assorted startups, agencies, and government departments.

Above all, Ben wants everyone to be just as good at the whiteboard as they are at the keyboard, to be better at thinking, communicating, and solving problems together visually. He’s the author of a few books, including Presto Sketching: Simple Drawing for Brilliant Product Thinking and Design.

Oh, and he hasn’t quite been able to give up some lockdown-friendly activities such as veggie gardening, baking, and making Nordic bird sculptures.

Kate Ingram

Associate Director, Customer Brand & Marketing Advisory (CBMA), KPMG. Good Design Ambassador

Kate is a multidisciplinary designer, trained in industrial and interaction designer she has also worked in interiors & architecture, dabbled in urban design & landscaping and has also been in a number of brand and marketing roles.

Once working for international luxury brands in New York and Milan, she now works for KPMG’s Management Consulting division, these days applying design-led frameworks and customer-centric approaches to various problem-solving in government. Kate leads KPMG’s Design Thinking capability across Australia and is a devoted advocate of human-centred design where she utilises the principles of psychology, art, design and emotion to generate relevant, meaningful and sustainable solutions, where good design is good business!

Having been based in Canberra since 2019, Kate has been ecstatic about being able to move around again! This being said, she holds nothing against Canberra and loves its good wine, growing foodie scene and lack-of-traffic any day!

Event Sponsor

Thanks to Thoughtworks Sydney for hosting us and providing refreshments.