SydDT #89: Designing for Value: Building Digital Experiences Customers Love

SydDT #89: Designing for Value: Building Digital Experiences Customers Love

Thursday, 2 November 2023 was Sydney Design Thinking #89 and we explored the theme of Designing for Value: Building Digital Products & Experiences Customers Love. We had a great turn out with ~80 of our 9,000+ community who came and made it a fun night. Thanks!

Louis Granger (Head of APAC at UserTesting) kicked things off by sharing some insights on taking the guesswork out of product development.

I then hosted a panel with Ivy Hornibrook (Product Lead at Canva), Joshua Orr (Head of Design at SafetyCulture), and Amanda Warmerdam, PhD (Senior CX Solutions Consultant at UserTesting) – three very experienced design and product leaders, of products that get a lot of customer love.

They shared so many insights and lessons on how they work with teams and stakeholders to build better digital products and experiences, some of the challenges they’re working on or have overcome to make more confident decisions, and finally some trends they’re observing and thoughts on where it’s all heading.

Couldn’t make it or just want to relive it? You can watch it now.

This event was proudly in collaboration with UserTesting. I’ve just landed in Melbourne to run SydDT #90 at 4pm where we’ll explore similar themes… this time with Neha K. (Senior Manager, Product Design at Bunnings), Berlin Liew (Senior Product Designer at Xero), and Louis Granger (Head of APAC at UserTesting). Keen? Grab your ticket!

For everyone in Sydney, our final SydDT for 2023 is SydDT #91: End of Year Design Megameetup on Thursday, 7 December. This is in collaboration with our friends at IxDA Sydney, CCX & EUX. Grab your ticket and I’ll see you there 😃

Meetup Announcement

Thursday, 2 November 2023 @ 6pm. Hotel CBD Fourth Floor, Sydney

Come join us for some fun conversations with interesting people in the design thinking community. This month we’re lucky to have Louis Granger, Ivy Hornibrook, Amanda Warmerdam, and Josh Orr sharing their experience and perspectives on designing for value. How do we work together to build better digital products and experiences customers love? How do we overcome the challenges and make more confident decisions?


As organisations race to build digital products and experiences faster than ever in a competitive and uncertain environment, it’s more important than ever to connect to, and build for, customer value.

UX, design, and product teams need more certainty when it comes to making decisions on what to build and how to build it to deliver customer value, and often understanding why customers behave in certain ways is just a matter of opinion.

Join us for a collaborative event where these industry leaders will share their thoughts and experiences on how to work together to build better digital products and experiences customers love.


Ivy Hornibrook

Product Lead, Canva
Ivy is a Product Lead at Canva, where she looks after Magic Design, an AI-powered design tool that crafts the perfect starting point to bring design ideas to life.

Driven by a desire to create exceptional user value, Ivy is passionate about the potential of Generative AI to develop new, innovative solutions to user challenges. Prior to joining Canva, Ivy honed her skills in product development and technology at various early-stage startups spanning industries such as education, logistics, health, and eCommerce.

Active in the tech community, Ivy is also a highly respected product leader dedicated to creating pathways into product management for the next generation of product leaders.

Joshua Orr

Head of Design, SafetyCulture
Josh leads design at SafetyCulture, a platform that is used by over a million workers around the world. From the largest enterprises to the smallest cafe, our core focus is on an experience that is simple, and incredibly easy to use.

Design is in the DNA of everything we do, from our cinematography and animation team, our powerful brand presence across the globe with partners like AO, Brentford FC, or M-Sport, to the amazing designers behind the product we build. Our customers are at the core of everything we do, we build quickly, learn with them, and ultimately finish with a product they love to use.

Louis Granger

Head of APAC, UserTesting

Amanda Warmerdam

Senior CX Solutions Consultant, UserTesting

Ben Pecotich

Design & Innovation Director/Founder, Dynamic4. Co-founder, SydDT

The meetup will be hosted by Ben Pecotich. Ben’s a designer, coach, and the co-founder of SydDT. He plays at the place where design, regenerative innovation, and wellbeing meet.

Event Strategic Partner

This event is proudly in collaboration with UserTesting and they’re making it free for everyone to attend!