SydDT Reaches 9,000 Members!

SydDT Reaches 9,000 Members

Our Sydney Design Thinking meetup (SydDT) has just hit another big milestone… we’re now a community of over 9,000 members! It’s amazing seeing how the community has grown over the past 8.5 years since our first meetup. Tonight is our 89th meetup… and I’ve made all but three of them.

We’re the third largest design thinking meetup globally (on… and the largest that’s specifically focused on design thinking.

A celebratory shout out to the rest of the SydDT team: Lucas Mara, Zoe Gibson, Kate Linton, and Kylie Mageropoulos… and Kingsley Jones and James Cooper who were part of the team for the first few years.

First of all thanks to the SydDT community. You’re the reason we do this. Thanks for turning up, engaging openly, and making it fun.

Thanks to everyone who has spoken at and contributed to SydDT over the years, we’ve covered a huge range of topics and you can explore past events and speakers here.

We’ve also been lucky to have the support of some long term hosts/sponsors over the years which makes sustaining this effort so much easier. A massive thanks to Thoughtworks who sponsored for the first time in 2015 and have been an ongoing host/sponsor until early this year… and ThinkPlace who’ve been a regular host/sponsor in 2023. I’m extremely grateful for your contribution helping build the community and ecosystem.

What’s SydDT?

Sydney Design Thinking is a diverse community of 9,000+ members. We’ve been meeting monthly since 2015 in Sydney to explore the world of design thinking as a human-centred design approach to innovation and solving complex problems – to help create positive outcomes for people, our planet, and business. We’re one of the top design thinking meetups globally.

SydDT is all about helping build a connected community of people from a diverse range of design and business practices, industries, contexts, and roles… to learn and share. To get exposed to what others are doing and see what’s possible. We start with about 45 minutes of networking before getting into the content. New members are welcome!

If you’re keen to speak at a SydDT, to sponsor an event, or to setup a collab… give me a yell. See you at a SydDT soon 😃