Happy World Book Day

Happy World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day! It’s a celebration to promote the enjoyment of books and reading. Books are a key part of SDG 4: Quality Education & Lifelong Learning… and they’re just fun.

I’m grateful to all of the people who’ve written the books I’ve immersed in throughout my life. The characters and adventures I’ve escaped with. Reading so much fiction from a very young age brought me so much joy, and indirectly taught me more about life and people than all of the non-fiction I’ve read.

I’m also thankful to all of the people who took the time to share their research and experience through books. A powerful way to crystalise, record, and scale thinking. My usual non-fiction reading style is a weird mix of snacking and deep study and there are so many books I keep referring back to… and even if I don’t, it’s comforting to know they’re nearby.

Despite there being a few books I’ve read which literally changed my life… I agree with this quote:

“The book that really changes your life isn’t the one you read, it’s the one you write.”

Daniel Priestley, Dent

Solve Problems That Matter

I made my first contribution as an author when I wrote Solve Problems That Matter in 2021. At 82,000 words and 350 pages, it became a bigger project than I thought.

It’s a playbook with actions and worksheets to help you take a human-centred design approach to design, build, and launch your idea. Ideas that customers love, makes money, and does great things for people and our planet… all while increasing wellbeing.

I love seeing my book in the wild and when readers send me photos of their worn copy that’s been marked up and very well used. I also love messages like this:

“After 6 months of reading, attending courses and presentations, I landed on this book and met its author Ben. It encapsulates everything that I have learnt to date and more. I wish I had this at the beginning. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and years of experience.”

Nandeeta Maharaj – Founder of Goods 4 Good

To celebrate World Book Day, here’s a 20% discount on any of the formats/bundles when you buy your copy of Solve Problems That Matter directly. Just use the code SPTM-BOOKDAY24 at checkout. It’s only valid today, so be quick!

Have fun solving problems that matter… and enjoy a good book on World Book Day.