Learning Programs

Develop your personal, team, and organisational capability to solve problems that matter for your customers, communities, and our planet – in more empathic and innovative ways

Project-based experiential learning programs focused on building the mindset, skillset, and toolset for purpose-driven innovation through design thinking, leadership, and collaboration.

Design, build, and launch business, product, and service ideas that deliver real value and impact, and thrive in a connected world.

Learning Outcomes & Benefits

We collaborate with you to co-design learning experiences that deliver on your desired learning outcomes and fit with your organisational context, culture, and priorities. This includes working within contact hour and budget constraints.

Who’s it for?

We can’t talk about learning outcomes and benefits, without being clear on who these learning experiences are designed with and for. Each of our workshops, masterclasses, and learning programs have been co-designed to create valuable learning experiences for specific audiences, and in a lot of cases bring together multiple perspectives.

The people who get the most value from our learning programs are:

Corporate Leaders

Leaders and emerging leaders who want to build their confidence solving problems in complex, uncertain, and ambiguous environments – with a focus on design thinking, collaboration, adaptive leadership, and being more purpose-driven.

We do this in partnership with internal learning and development teams.


Social enterprise and startup founders who want to embed purpose and impact in their business model and avoid becoming broke, burnt out, and isolated.

We do this directly and also in partnership with other incubator, accelerator, and capacity building programs.

Designers & Product Teams

Designers and product teams who want to want to design regenerative business, product, service, and experience ideas to help solve problems that matter for their customers, communities, and our planet.


Business, design, and innovation students.

We do this in partnership with educators who want to design and deliver experiential project-based learning experiences.

NFP Leaders & Changemakers

Leaders and changemakers in NFPs and governments who want to want to design, build, and launch regenerative business, product, and service ideas with embedded impact – that deliver on their core purpose​​ and diversify their revenue streams with earned income.

Learning outcomes

The learning outcomes and benefits are customised for your specific context and objectives but there are some key high-level learning outcomes that are common to all of the programs we work on:

Design Thinking

Solve problems that matter in more empathic and innovative ways. Learn key design thinking practices through doing and take a human-centred design approach to innovation.

Innovation Mindset

Build confidence exploring problems in complex, uncertain, and ambiguous contexts to solve problems that matter for your customers, communities, and our planet.

Wellbeing & Purpose

Practice happiness habits to increase self-awareness, resilience, and overall wellbeing with a focus on creating regenerative business models and solutions with embedded impact.

Leadership & Collaboration

Adaptive leadership and collaboration to deliver meaningful outcomes while building relationships and networks.


Our learning programs are designed to deliver many benefits – for the participants and their teams, and also for organisational capability and culture. Some common benefits reported include:

  • Ability to creatively solve real world problems that matter for customers, communities, and our planet using an approach that designs for interconnected systems that’s more effective and lower risk
  • Better collaboration, leadership, and decision-making by building skills and behaviours like self-awareness, empathy, and critical thinking. Collaborate with people across the organisation without hierarchy while extending their network
  • Create real value and impact by designing, building, and launching regenerative business, product, and service ideas that thrive in a connected world
  • Improved wellbeing, resilience, and relationships by learning and practicing happiness habits for a growth mindset
  • Enhanced learning that’s embedded in daily work through practical and applied experiential learning – not direct instruction
  • Increased team/employee engagement with a direct connection to purpose and impact
  • Progress toward an empowered culture of collaborative human-centred design and innovation

The future of work. Now

All of our learning programs have a strong focus on the top skills for 2027 and beyond that were identified by the World Economic Forum (WEF) Future of Jobs Report (2023). These skills are becoming even more important with the recent advancements and rapid adoption of tools powered by artificial intelligence and large language models. Key skills include:

  • Analytical thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Leadership and social influence
  • Resilience, flexibility, and agility
  • Curiosity and lifelong learning
  • Technological literacy
  • Design and user experience
  • Motivation and self-awareness
  • Empathy and active listening
  • Systems thinking

What Our Clients Say...

Learning Program Design Principles

Our learning program design principles are grounded in research and over 25 years of direct experience.

We’ve designed and delivered hundreds of workshops, masterclasses, innovation sprints, and learning programs over the years – but no two contexts are identical. We take a collaborative approach to designing and delivering learning experiences.

While our programs are designed to emphasise specific learning outcomes, skills, and behaviours, we have a clear set of design principles and practices that inform the co-design and delivery of the programs we work on.

Project-based action learning

Learn through doing by working on real problems that matter – supported by reflective practice and coaching. Provide just enough structure, theory, and skills training but design for self-direction – more heutagogy than pedagogy or andragogy.

Psychological safety

Create a safe environment to experiment, fail, and learn. Provide a lot of support, access to resources, and encourage help-seeking behaviours – but designed to feel uncomfortable – learning starts with not knowing.

Design thinking & agile

Design thinking/human-centred design (HCD) approach to understand and build empathy with the people involved, the problem, and the context – before focusing on solutions. Apply agile ways of working to provide just enough structure and rhythm.

Collaborative problem-solving

Collaboration and leadership in cross-functional teams with a focus on developing critical thinking, self-awareness, and empathy. Practice skills of the future (WEF Future of Jobs Report) to help progress toward an empowered culture of collaborative human-centred design and innovation.

Our Learning Programs & Products

We have a range of products at different price points. They all integrate thinking and practices from action learning, positive neuroscience, design thinking/human-centred design, regenerative business model innovation, and agile ways of working.

Our action learning programs are also supported by coaching and advice – and underpinned by Ben Pecotich’s book Solve Problems That Matter and tools.

Leadership, Design & Innovation Programs​

From $40,000 (ex GST)

Project-based experiential leadership, design, and innovation programs – learning through doing with coaching.

We focus on leadership and team dynamics, human-centred design, collaborative problem solving, innovation, and strategic thinking – with a special emphasis on building self-awareness and empathy.

Masterclasses & Innovation Sprints​

From $10,000 (ex GST)

Facilitation and coaching to to focus on a specific organisational challenge or opportunity and learn key design thinking and regenerative innovation practices by doing.


Dynamic4 Jetpack is our incubator and coaching program for early stage social enterprise startups – focused on designing sustainable business models with embedded impact and a clear value exchange


Dynamic4 Thrive is our incubator and coaching program for NFPs wanting to diversify their revenue streams while delivering on their core purpose​​

Why Dynamic4?

Why choose Dynamic4 to be your learning partner? There are many reasons, but a couple of key ones are that our learning program design principles are grounded in research and over 25 years of direct experience and we’re genuinely purpose-driven.

For many years we used a consultancy/agency model to deliver strategy, design, and tech projects – and we designed and delivered learning programs. On our 20th birthday in 2021, we transitioned to a model where we focus exclusively on working alongside our clients to help build internal capability.

With this background and experience, you can have confidence that our learning programs build on real-world experience and current practice – not just theory.

Deep relevant experience

Ben Pecotich is the Design & Innovation Director of Dynamic4 and will personally work with you to design and deliver the program – not sold by senior people and handed off to junior team members to deliver. Some headlines on his experience:

  • 30+ years’ experience designing and leading strategic change and innovation in large complex organisations in Australia, NZ, the UK, and Europe. This includes working with  companies like Westpac, AMP, Fidelity, Barclays Wealth, Lloyds TSB, RBC Capital Markets, and City Index
  • 30 years founding startups and social enterprises
  • 25+ years designing and delivering project-based learning programs. A practitioner skilled at teaching and coaching others to learn through doing – building on real-world experience and current practice – not just theory
  • Designed and delivered project-based leadership, design, and innovation learning programs with a global financial services client, Bendigo Bank, Westpac, Telstra, and many more organisations – including not-for-profits, social enterprises, and government. At different times we’ve delivered these programs in-person, hybrid, and online only
  • Designed and run an incubator program (Jetpack) for early-stage social enterprise ideas since 2014
  • Designed and delivered project-based experiential learning in an academic context as work integrated learning. 2018-2022 at the University of NSW (UNSW)/Centre for Social Impact as a capstone project for a Master of Commerce – he’s won a couple of teaching awards for this work. Since 2019 at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Transdisciplinary School with Bachelor of Creative Intelligence & Innovation (BCII) and Diploma in Innovation students
  • Co-founded the Sydney Design Thinking meetup in 2015. It’s now a community of over 9,000 and one of the biggest designing thinking meetups in the world. June 2024 is our 100th meetup

Genuinely purpose-driven

Dynamic4 is a social enterprise and B Corp. All of our work aligns directly with our purpose, theory of change, and strategy.

What people expect from business is shifting. The evidence shows talent, customers, and investors are increasingly expecting businesses to do great things for people, communities, and our planet while being profitable. This directly contributes to helping create the conditions where people and communities have increasing quality of life, are happier, and live on a planet that is cleaner and healthier.

The way Dynamic4 can contribute most is to help transform the way business is done – to accelerate and embed the trend toward regenerative business models, products, and services. We do this by helping leaders and founders solve problems that matter in more empathic and innovative ways – and increase their wellbeing while they do it. That’s why Dynamic4 exists.

Our work is supported by our social investment programs and being climate positive.

B Corp & Social Enterprise

Certified B Corp since March 2016. We meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

Social Investment

Embedded impact model plus we invest 10%+ of our annual revenue in actively helping build social enterprise and design ecosystems and supporting social enterprise ideas.

Climate Positive

Climate positive since 2010. We consistently minimise our carbon impact and offset 20% more than our calculated emissions.

The Results

  • Leaders who solve problems that matter in more empathic and innovative ways, measure success in outcomes for people, our planet, and prosperity – and have increased wellbeing
  • Organisations that have a regenerative business model and solutions with embedded impact and a clear value exchange
  • Ideas that leverage technology to deliver and scale impact and thrive in a connected world

Outcomes we help create

  • Founders, leaders, teams, and organisations move forward with more confidence based on evidence, insight, and empathy to create sustainable positive impact
  • Business decisions are made with more empathy, focused on solving problems that matter, and create real value for people and our planet – alongside profit
  • People who are happier and healthier, more empathic and inclusive, connected to nature, and feel in control of their lives
Dynamic4 SDGs

Make contact now and say hello.

We’ll have a chat to understand what you’re looking to achieve, the budget and timeline you’re working with, and collaborate with you to co-design a learning experience that delivers on your desired learning outcomes and fits with your organisational context, culture, and priorities.