Solve Problems That Matter Masterclass & Book

Build stronger collaborations with purpose and engaged stakeholders by solving problems that matter

What's the Solve Problems That Matter Masterclass?

A interactive masterclass personalised for you and your team, bundled with my book Solve Problems That Matter.

Perfect for lunch & learn sessions, the masterclass can be in-person, online, or hybrid. Together we explore design thinking, an innovation mindset, wellbeing, purpose, leadership, and collaboration.

We focus on how to design, build, and launch ideas that solve problems that matter for your team, customers, communities, and our planet – while being financially successful and increasing wellbeing.


$2,499 (ex GST)

Plus shipping and travel where relevant. Please make contact if you prefer to be invoiced.

What's included?

An interactive masterclass personalised for you and your team, bundled with Solve Problems That Matter by Ben Pecotich.

  • Masterclass session designed and delivered by Ben Pecotich. Up to 1 hour (in-person, online, or hybrid) for up to 20 people
  • 20 print copies of Solve Problems That Matter – which provides more guidance, is full of worksheets, and complements the session
  • The session can be recorded (for internal use only)
  • Planning session with key stakeholders to personalise the session and prioritise key learning and engagement outcomes
Solve Problems That Matter Print Book

Please make contact for more than 20 people and/or 20 copies of the book.

Who’s it for?

These sessions are a great opportunity to bring together teams and stakeholders from different areas to build stronger collaborations and engagement. Lunch & learn sessions and team offsites are a great fit.

The groups who get the most value from these sessions are:

Corporate Leaders

Leaders and emerging leaders who want to build their confidence solving problems in complex, uncertain, and ambiguous environments – with a focus on design thinking, collaboration, adaptive leadership, and being more purpose-driven.

We often partner with internal learning and development teams to deliver this.

Design & Product Teams​

Design and product teams who want to want to design regenerative business, product, service, and experience ideas to help solve problems that matter for their customers, communities, and our planet.

NFP Leaders & Changemakers

Leaders and changemakers in NFPs and governments who want to want to design, build, and launch regenerative business, product, and service ideas with embedded impact – that deliver on their core purpose and diversify their revenue streams with earned income.


Social enterprise and startup founders who want to embed purpose and impact in their business model and avoid becoming broke, burnt out, and isolated.

We partner with co-working spaces and other incubator, accelerator, and capacity building programs to deliver this.

Learning outcomes

We work together to personalise the session and prioritise key learning and engagement outcomes. There are some key high-level learning outcomes that are common to all of the work we do:

Design Thinking

Solve problems that matter in more empathic and innovative ways. Learn key design thinking practices through doing and take a human-centred design approach to innovation.

Innovation Mindset

Build confidence exploring problems in complex, uncertain, and ambiguous contexts to solve problems that matter for your customers, communities, and our planet.

Wellbeing & Purpose

Practice happiness habits to increase self-awareness, resilience, and overall wellbeing with a focus on creating regenerative business models and solutions with embedded impact.

Leadership & Collaboration

Adaptive leadership and collaboration to deliver meaningful outcomes while building relationships and networks.

Ben Pecotich smiling, wearing a black tshirt, and holding his book Solve Problems That Matter

Ben Pecotich

Designer, coach & social enterprise founder

Hey… I’m Ben, and I spend my time helping leaders solve problems that matter – to design, build, and launch ideas that customers love, make money, and do great things for people and our planet… all while increasing wellbeing.

I’m based in Sydney, Australia and work with people globally.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of coaching thousands of leaders, founders, designers, and students to design and innovate for positive change. I’m also the author of the best selling book Solve Problems That Matter: Design, Build & Launch Your Social Enterprise Idea.

To guide you on your journey, I bring 30+ years of successfully leading, designing, and delivering strategic change in financial services – and 30 years founding startups/social enterprises – in Australia, NZ, the UK, and Europe.

These years have been full of learning, failing, iterating, and adapting. And still are. I’m a designer and founder skilled at coaching people to learn through doing – building on real-world experience and current practice – not just theory.

You can find out more about my experience and connect with me on Linkedin.

Benefits of the Solve Problems That Matter Masterclass

These sessions are designed to deliver many benefits – for the participants and their teams, and also for organisational capability and culture

  • Ability to creatively solve real world problems that matter for customers, communities, and our planet using an approach that designs for interconnected systems that’s more effective and lower risk
  • Better collaboration, leadership, and decision-making by building skills and behaviours like self-awareness, empathy, and critical thinking
  • Create real value and impact by designing, building, and launching regenerative business, product, and service ideas that thrive in a connected world
  • Improved wellbeing, resilience, and relationships by learning and practicing happiness habits for a growth mindset
  • Enhanced learning that’s embedded in daily work through practical and applied experiential learning
  • Increased team/employee engagement with a direct connection to purpose and impact
  • Progress toward an empowered culture of collaborative human-centred design and innovation

The future of work. Now

All of our learning programs have a strong focus on the top skills for 2025 and beyond that were identified by the World Economic Forum (WEF) Future of Jobs Report (2020). These skills are becoming even more important with the recent advancements and rapid adoption of tools powered by artificial intelligence and large language models. Key skills include:

  • Analytical thinking and innovation
  • Active learning and learning strategies
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Critical thinking and analysis
  • Creativity, originality and initiative
  • Leadership and social influence
  • Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility
  • Reasoning, problem-solving and ideation

Outcomes we help create​

The work we do helps build personal, team, and organisational capability to solve problems that matter with more:

❤️ Clarity on your purpose, goals, and approach to navigate complexity and make progress

🎯 Momentum to achieve your goals by building the workflows, rhythms, and habits for success

🌿 Confidence to move forward with more certainty and less risk while increasing your wellbeing

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