Ben Pecotich

Ben Pecotich

Design & Innovation Director. Startup Coach. Founder

Ben founded Dynamic4 in 2001 while living in London, UK. His experience spans 25+ years focused on designing and leading strategic change in Australia, NZ, the UK, and Europe – combining strategy, design, technology, consulting, and program management. This includes 25 years in financial services and 24 years working on startups and social enterprises.

Ben is also a founder of the Sydney Design Thinking Meetup and is an advisor to several early stage startups and social enterprises.

Marlene Pecotich

Marlene Pecotich

Lead Software Engineer & Consultant

Marls is a very experienced software developer, technical lead and IT consultant with more than 20 years designing and building software solutions. She builds enterprise Java applications, web services and digital interfaces.

Marls has worked in Australia, UK and NZ on a broad range of projects – successfully delivering in financial services, government, telecommunications, utilities, logistics, and retail sectors.

Anthony Quinn

Anthony Quinn


Anthony is an award-winning design leader and entrepreneur with 20+ years’ experience helping organisations to identify, develop and deliver on their value propositions. Has worked with startups, small business, corporations and individuals in the public, private and social sectors.

Anthony is an articulate, engaging and inspiring presenter and a skilled facilitator with a proven ability to frame and define a problem or opportunity. He is a creative, outcomes-oriented problem solver.

Courtney Tennikoff

Courtney Tennikoff

Comms & Community Coordinator

Courtney has a professional background in customer service and administration, working for not-for-profits and B Corps both in the U.S. and Australia. She has a diploma from an international leadership college and is now in the process of completing her Bachelors of Business Marketing Degree.

Courtney loves connecting with other people. She also has a passion to see businesses using their success as a platform for bettering our world.

Leanne Cunanan

Leanne Cunanan

Business Support Assistant

Leanne is an experienced business support assistant with a background in administration, hotel management, event management, and team building. She’s worked in a wide range of industries over the past seven years.

Leanne likes building connections with people and startups, helping them grow into global scale enterprises.

Asim A. Ghafoor

Asim A. Ghafoor

Fullstack Web Developer & Systems Engineer

Asim is a very experienced developer and systems engineer. He’s been developing applications for 26 years with a special focus on cloud and web applications using open source technologies and frameworks.

Asim builds powerful mobile-friendly websites, commerce solutions and marketplaces. He also runs our DevOps – managing our servers, security, code and platforms – keeping the lights on for all of our website clients.

Our Guiding Principles

We work with our clients as partners in a collaborative relationship. We openly share our experience and advice, we challenge assumptions but give our clients the room to decide.

We design with and for people… to deliver great experiences. We seek to understand our client’s audience: who they are, what motivates them and how they behave. These insights drive our design of business, product and service ideas.

We use highly visual and iterative techniques to enable faster understanding and earlier certainty.

These guiding principles are at the core of what Dynamic4 is about. They guide decisions in everything we do, from top level strategy through to daily operations:

People first

Design with and for people to deliver great experiences.

Positive impact

Be positive, reliable and trustworthy. Work with positive people. Nurture long term relationships. Be sustainable and look after the environment.

Perspective & context

Keep sense of perspective. Remember the context of what and why. Don’t get lost in the detail.

Dynamic & adaptable

Lean business architecture and infrastructure. Partner smartly.

Dynamic4 Discussion


Understand the context, the specific need and how we can work together to deliver a great solution

Dynamic4 Discovery


Frame the need and use research to empathise with the goals of the organisation, audience and team

Dynamic4 Design


Imagine possible solutions using fast and inexpensive techniques. Test, learn and iterate to design the target solution

Dynamic4 Delivery


Final build and delivery of the target solution. Training, hosting, ongoing management and support