12-Month Coaching Program


How’s the 12-Month Coaching Program Work?

Personalised coaching program that builds on a 90-day plan to help you accelerate your progress, build the habits to sustain your momentum, and achieve your 12-month goals.

I work with you to personalise the program to help you achieve your specific 12-month goals. This isn’t a generic program. It’s about meeting you where you are, helping you get clarity on your goals, creating your first 90-day plan, and establishing the workflow, rhythm, and habits to build momentum and confidence over 12 months.

What’s included?

Coaching and advice over 12 months. I work with you closely on your first 90-day plan to achieve your goals – there isn’t a set number of sessions. It’s also an option to involve other team members in this program.

  • Weekly check-in during the first 90 days
  • Sprint review and planning session every two weeks (usually includes a showcase, retro, and sprint planning) during the first 90 days to build the workflow and rhythm
  • 90-day review and planning sessions with a monthly check-in after the first 90 days
  • Direct access to me for coaching and advice during the 12 months
  • Support connecting with potential collaborators and other stakeholders
  • Print and digital copy of my book Solve Problems That Matter – which provides more guidance, is full of worksheets, and complements the work we do together
  • Healthcheck and scorecard with additional tools and resources

You can view more info about the 12-Month Coaching Program here.

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