Solve Problems That Matter: Free Worksheets


Solve Problems That Matters is the 90-day program helping you take a human-centred approach to design, build, and launch your social enterprise idea – and build momentum to solve problems that matter. The book is supported by free resources, including downloadable worksheets and templates.

This is the core set of worksheets and templates.

  • Dynamic4 People/Problem Canvas
  • Dynamic4 Customer Research Planner Template
  • Dynamic4 Conversation Guide Template
  • Dynamic4 Assumption Log (RAID)
  • Dynamic4 Experience Blueprint Template
  • Dynamic4 Experience Blueprint Poster
  • Dynamic4 Go-to-Market Strategy Template
  • Dynamic4 Pitch Deck Template


More will be added soon… please let us know if there’s a worksheet or template you’re waiting on.

All worksheets/templates are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

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