Solve Problems That Matter

Book Cover Voting Results

The Result

A huge thanks to everyone who voted on the cover design concepts and shared your awesome insights. The leader changed a couple of times while voting was open but in the end there was a clear winner. The puzzle heart cover got 38% of the vote – over double the covers that came second and third.

Solve Problems That Matter book

An extra special thanks to Ben Crothers and Hannah Miller for going above and beyond with your advice and time on this one! I feel very lucky to have you in my corner.

The Process

I started with nine concepts from five designers. I put it out to the awesome supporters on the pre-order list for early voting and to help narrow it down to the five concepts (from four designers) that I put out there for everyone to vote on. No one knew who the designers were and the covers displayed in a randomised order on both this page and the survey page. So the reveal… I’m actually the designer of that cover.

Survey Respondents

  • Most respondents were from in and around the social enterprise and NFP ecosystem – including people on the pre-order list. Some from my design network (or the intersect of the two)
  • 45% female
  • 42% male
  • 13% unknown
Voting Results
  •  38% Heart (35% female, 48% male, 17% unknown)
  • 18% Click
  • 15% Gradient
  • 15% Stack
  • 13% Iterating

The Feedback

There was a lot of really useful feedback shared which I’m incorporating in other aspects of the book too. The double metaphor of heart and puzzles feels pretty literal to me (and wasn’t part of the brief) but actually seems to resonate with a lot of people. And there were a few people who really hated it too. If that’s you… I’m sorry. I hope it doesn’t put you off too much! 😉

I also individually asked my daughters (who are 10 and seven) which they voted for and why… and they came up with the same core response. They’re not necessarily the target audience but I find the fact they related the meaning between the words and the graphic promising.

Here’s some of the verbatim from people who voted for the heart cover…

  • “The heart of what you do and the image of the puzzle coming together to achieve that. The speaks as much as the title.”
  • “The heart indicates to me that there’s something meaningful about the problem being solved – it also connects more strongly with the focus on social enterprise.”
  • “Liked the combination of a puzzle with a heart. You gotta have love to solve problems that matter.”
  • “It looked optimistic and had the emotional element. Love and drive are the things needed to start a business.”
  • “I like the splash of colour, it adds some humanity. I think the implication is that “problems that matter” have a social impact and a heart is a good way to illustrate that.”
  • “Simple image on Puzzle Heart is easy to take in. For me the Heart is associated better with the concept caring that is key to social enterprise.”
  • “Why not take advantage of the loaded symbology of the love heart, combined with the loaded symbology of the puzzle pieces. Both are universal, timeless, and on point.”
  • “Does what it says. Problems = jigsaw. Things that matter = heart.”
  • “Running a Social Enterprise to deliver a positive impact is bloody hard. You need to be driven by your heart to persevere against all odds.”

What's Next?

Pre-order your copy of Solve Problems That Matter now. I’ll also keep you in the loop with regular updates and send you the teaser preview!

The Vote

It’s time to vote on the cover for Solve Problems That Matter. The book is a 90-day program helping people take a human-centred approach to designing and building social enterprise ideas – and to build momentum to solve problems that matter.

I want the cover to convey energy & optimism, momentum & progress, be future/forward looking, practical not academic, and simple not busy or cluttered. The cover should be easy to read and it needs to align with the Dynamic4 brand. Check out the book landing page if you need more info on who the book is for, what it’s about, and how it works.

It’s a simple cover vote. You also have the option to share the reason for your vote and any refinements you’d like to see. You can also share your contact details and I’ll keep you in the loop.

Voting closed Sunday, 29 August 2021.