Dynamic4 Ideas

Text: Who are the people you’re focused on creating value with and for?

Focus on People & Problem

The purpose of using the People/Problem Canvas is to focus your thinking on the people involved and the problems as they experience them. To help you start building empathy with the people you hope to create value with and for.

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Dynamic4 2024 Strategy

Dynamic4 2024 Strategy

Dynamic4’s strategy exists within the context of our purpose, vision, and theory of change – it describe our theory on where we’ll play, how we’ll win, what we need to win. For us, winning doesn’t mean competing with or beating others. We’re here to collaborate and win together.

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Text: What's your purpose... your driving why?

Your Purpose

Clarity of purpose makes decisions easier. It gives us a clear filter to assess and prioritise options. Let’s explore this at a personal and organisational level.

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Text: Climate Action Week Sydney

Climate Action Week Sydney 2024

Climate Action Week Sydney (CAW.SYD) 2024 kicks off today (13-19 May 2024) focusing on focuses on five pillars of climate action: educate, inspire change, reduce emissions, remove emissions, and adapt & build resilience.

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Text: What are your strengths & assets?

Your Strengths & Assets

What are your strengths & assets? By focusing on our strengths and taking a strengths-based approach we increase our performance, productivity, and wellbeing.

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Text: Catalysing Change Week. Building the Social Innovation Sector

Catalysing Change Week 2024

It’s Catalysing Change Week 2024 organised by Catalyst 2030 (6-10 May 2024) – the world’s largest event led by social innovators and entrepreneurs. The theme this year is Building the Social Innovation Sector.

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Happy World Book Day!

Happy World Book Day

Happy World Book Day! It’s a celebration to promote the enjoyment of books and reading. To celebrate, here’s a special discount on my book Solve Problems That Matter.

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Text: What helps keep you feeling happy and healthy?

Your Personal Wellbeing Plan

What helps keep you feeling happy and healthy? Create your personal wellbeing plan to look after your emotional, mental, physical, and financial health… with a backup plan.

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Earth Day 2024. Text: Planet vs. Plastic

Earth Day 2024. Planet vs. Plastics

Happy Earth Day! The theme this year is Planet vs. Plastics. What we do has a massive ripple effect on our ecosystems – as well as the pace of business and government action. Let’s take action… in our businesses and in our personal lives.

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Text: Southstart. Step into the Magic. 5-7 March / ADL

Southstart 2024

Basking in the afterglow of another amazing _SOUTHSTART. A fun few days of learning and sharing, hanging out with old friends and making a lot of new friends too. t’s something you need to experience. See you there next year

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