Bring your community together to donate to the causes you care about

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Ripple makes it easy to setup and manage groups to donate to the causes you care about.

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How Ripple Works

  • Create your group. Choose the impact focus, donation amount and giving frequency
  • Invite your group members. Your group might be your friends and family, workplace, school, book club, meetup or community organisation
  • Find a cause and vote. The members nominate organisations or projects and the group votes on who they will give the donation to
  • Make the donation. The funds are transferred to the cause with the most votes and your group is ready to give again!

Why Ripple

  • 100% of your donation goes to the organisation or project the group nominates. Your group works together to increase your impact
  • Ripple groups are easy to setup and use – you can manage your group in a few minutes, on your phone
  • Ripple groups can be used to support a specific cause (like early-childhood programs), or a local area (like Maitland), or anything you care about!

Ripple is brought to you by two certified Australian B Corps

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