Our Work

We love working with values aligned people to collaborate on creating a positive impact

Project-based experiential leadership program where participants collaborate on a real business challenge with a NFP/social enterprise client.

Jetpack program to get clarity on the purpose and theory of change – and test and iterate the thinking by taking a human-centred design approach.

Practical design thinking workshops focused on learning through doing and coaching by exploring the Socially Sustainable Parramatta goals and increasing citizen engagement.

Collaborating to design and deliver learning and capacity building programs for social enterprises and senior corporate leaders.

A platform to make systems change initiatives accessible, enabling them to connect, share their experiences, and find relevant tools depending on their stage of the journey.

A platform to amplify the ideas of young people and giving them the opportunity to create a portfolio of their entrepreneurial skills.

Discovery sessions and coaching to explore the problem, gain diversity of thought from a range of stakeholders, and understand fundamental questions before jumping to solutions


A social enterprise helping people with intellectual disability build more independence and achieve their goals.

Make contact now and say hello. We’ll have a chat to understand what you’re looking to achieve, the budget and timeline you’re working with, and how we can work together -​​​ to get your idea to market.​