The Groundswell Project Case Study

Discovery sessions and coaching to explore the problem, gain diversity of thought from a range of stakeholders, and understand fundamental questions before jumping to solutions

About The Groundswell Project

The Groundswell Project is a NFP known for using innovative arts and health programs to create social and cultural change around death and dying.

The organisation’s aim is to promote resilience and wellbeing in response to end of life issues and to encourage people to build their death literacy. They do this by working with individuals, organisations, and communities to improve how people in Australia die, care, and grieve.


Groundswell wanted to create a model for Compassionate Communities. To do this they needed to understand how these communities had come together and look for the lessons they could replicate and share with others.

Opportunity for Impact

Dynamic4 was engaged in 2018 to design and run the National Compassionate Communities Forum with a range of leaders from around Australia. The group of stakeholders worked together with Groundswell to co-design an online space for people to share their journey around creating Compassionate Communities so that others can learn and create their own.

“Dynamic4 helped us ensure that we were asking the right questions and that we didn’t try to rush into solution mode. They’re trustworthy, eternally optimistic, and really dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for our communities and our organisation.”

Jessie Williams
CEO, The Groundswell Project


  • Partnered with Groundswell to design a discovery session that explored the problem before jumping to a solution
  • Facilitated a discovery session with a range of stakeholders to ensure we gained the diversity of thought needed to understand some fundamental questions
  • Coaching on the experience design, organisation design, and technology considerations of the product

Results & Feedback

The session resulted in incredible insights – giving stakeholders an opportunity to share and learn while also connecting with each other.

These insights helped The Groundswell Project identify that they weren’t yet ready to build a full website but they were able to design and build an early prototype for a Compassionate Communities Hub – where communities could share stories and access a range of resources and tools.

“Dynamic4 brought a new perspective to the design of our forum. They weren’t afraid to challenge our thinking in their commitment to making everything better.”

Jessie Williams
CEO, The Groundswell Project

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