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Young Change Agents Case Study

A platform to amplify the ideas of young people and giving them the opportunity to create a portfolio of their entrepreneurial skills 

About Young Change Agents

Young Change Agents (YCA) is a NFP social enterprise focused on developing the mindset, skillset, and toolset of youth aged 10-21 to equip young people for their future careers and empowering them to create their own pathways.

They provide social entrepreneurship programs combined with educator capacity building, amplification of youth ideas, and technology platforms that provide badging and ePortfolios.


Early on, YCA wanted a way to amplify the ideas of young people whilst giving them the opportunity to create a portfolio of their work. This need expanded to helping youth recognise their entrepreneurial skills through badging.

Opportunity for Impact

Dynamic4 was engaged in 2018 to help bring this platform to life, working with YCA to test the concept, before designing and building the YCA learning platform. Since then, Dynamic4 has continued to run the platform and build several new features as YCA’s digital partner.

“I came in with the mentality that I couldn’t make a difference, but honestly I am leaving with the reality that I can.”

Youth Participant

YCA Screen


  • Worked with YCA to map and test the user journeys for staff, students, and teachers
  • Clickable prototype to test and iterate before building the functional MVP and launching the platform to showcase and amplify youth ideas
  • Extended the platform to launch quarterly challenges for students to participate in beyond the YCA school program and while stuck at home during covid lockdowns
  • Created the YCA Buddy App to support the delivery of programs and provide badging and ePortfolios for students
  • Designed and built the platform for the YCA Retail Social Enterprise-in-a-Box financial literacy program – providing a school currency, rewards, wallet, and shop POS

Results & Feedback

  • The YCA platform now has 2,000 active monthly users and 1,000+ ideas showcased
  • Coronavirus Youth Design Challenge reached over 800 students

“The Dynamic4 team has been incredibly flexible in working with YCA. They understand that we don’t have huge budgets and can work within it to make our ideas come to life. They feel more like an in-house team than an external provider; understanding our needs and vision on a deep level and bringing deep expertise to our organisation.”

Maya Marcus. Head of Product & Learning, YCA

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